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Listing of all entries in my photoblog / photolog
07 Jan 2004     Wrapping it up  ~  no more photoblog  ~  image: bye dear - have a nice day
04 Jan 2004     She just left  ~  and here is a new photo  ~  image: Ariana and Brett
29 Dec 2003     A very happy holidays  ~  for me  ~  image: Paula and Ariana and Brett at the Navy Pier anchor
27 Dec 2003     My trip to Chicago  ~  all I wanted for Christmas was there  ~  image: Paula and Ariana at the Navy Pier ferris wheel in Chicago
23 Dec 2003     Offline for a few days  ~  reconnecting with Ariana in 60126  ~  image: this shot of Ariana was taken 10 years ago
20 Dec 2003     Mystery Christmas present  ~  please help me figure out who sent it  ~  image: Jerry Maguire DVD
20 Dec 2003     Love going to the mall before Christmas  ~  people call me crazy  ~  image: my coworkers watching a UK basketball game
19 Dec 2003     Winter  ~  cooling down and slowing down  ~  image: my snow-covered house at twilight
16 Dec 2003     Got another Entertainment Book  ~  thanks to Ariana  ~  image: Ariana the beautiful bridesmaid
13 Dec 2003     Got the Entertainment Book I wanted  ~  all hail my sister Cheryl  ~  image: Cheryl and the oranges in Florida
10 Dec 2003     Eerie study  ~  maybe funny  ~  image: Riri look-see monkey
09 Dec 2003     End of financial uncertainty  ~  but Christmas presents are still iffy  ~  image: Quicken graph of my recent cash flow
07 Dec 2003     I am back now  ~  from my weekend trip to Ohio  ~  image: Ariana reading the paper in our hotel suite
05 Dec 2003     Offline for a weekend  ~  reconnecting with Ariana in Ohio  ~  image: Ariana at Raven Run near the Kentucky River
04 Dec 2003     Back to work  ~  jobs and computer projects  ~  image: do some actual work - what crazy talk
03 Dec 2003     Summary of my Thanksgiving vacation  ~  nostalgia  ~  image: Brett at the Siberian Tiger exhibit of the Madison Zoo
02 Dec 2003     Drove home today  ~  from Madison to Lexington  ~  image: Brett at the Wisconsin Welcomes You sign
24 Nov 2003     Off to Madison for several days  ~  so quit reading my blog and go read something equally happy  ~  image: Ariana at Music Night
22 Nov 2003     My TV commercial  ~  people keep telling me they saw it and saw me  ~  image: Pat and Marianne and Julie
20 Nov 2003     Moving to Los Angeles  ~  because my cousin Danny is begging me to  ~  image: Danny
18 Nov 2003     AscensionHealth dot org - Daughters of Charity  ~  the mystery guest who could say hi  ~  image: really like to know where my friends are tonight
18 Nov 2003     Vacuum leaf collection  ~  what a nifty service  ~  image: leaf vacuum truck in front of my house
16 Nov 2003     How I remain a constant 150 pounds  ~  with no exercise and no special diet  ~  image: Mom shot me splashing in the ocean (July 1 2003)
15 Nov 2003     Brett Mason the voice actor  ~  Google hath decreed it so  ~  image: search results on Google for Brett Mason
13 Nov 2003     My future  ~  talking and singing with Madeline  ~  image: Valerie and Darren are now husband and wife
12 Nov 2003     Hot tub for sale  ~  you can get anything on eBay  ~  image: hot tub for sale
12 Nov 2003     The roof - the roof - the roof is on fi-yah  ~  the first fire in my house  ~  image: watching the rain from my front door
11 Nov 2003     Change is on the horizon  ~  my life will be different  ~  image: Rachel shaving my head in Dec 1998
08 Nov 2003     Watching tennis  ~  Danielle invited me to the Lexington Tennis Center  ~  image: Brett and Danielle and Sabrina watching tennis
07 Nov 2003     Matrix Revolutions  ~  some of my thoughts  ~  image: line art
07 Nov 2003     Guy's night out  ~  yeah right  ~  image: Valerie and Darren at Bluegrass Airport yesterday
06 Nov 2003     Wiped out  ~  flood of activities and the new Matrix movie are exhausting  ~  image: Valerie and her future husband Darren
04 Nov 2003     In a wreck with Penny  ~  such a full day yesterday  ~  image: rush hour traffic was affected by the two smashed cars
31 Oct 2003     Halloween 2003  ~  fewer trick-or-treaters this year hmmm  ~  image: having no visitors makes Brett a sad clown
30 Oct 2003     End of another lazy month  ~  living the couch potato dream  ~  image: Brett writing letters in the Fayette Mall food court
28 Oct 2003     Okay  ~  I am back  ~  image: Brett talks to his sister about Ariana
25 Oct 2003     Offline for a weekend  ~  Ariana is in town  ~  image: Ariana at Raven Run near the Kentucky River
24 Oct 2003     Attack of the spammers  ~  thank goodness for Cloudmark Spamnet  ~  image: all I get is spam spam spam
23 Oct 2003     Attack of the dogs  ~  I wonder if they will rule the world someday  ~  image: Rafaela whispers to a dog (July 22 2001)
21 Oct 2003     Attack of the ladybugs (parts I and II)  ~  come visit Lexington and get bitten  ~  image: Larry Sharpe smoking a cigar
20 Oct 2003     Praying mantis  ~  on my front porch  ~  image: mantis
19 Oct 2003     What keeps me busy  ~  news update  ~  image: Brett Mason
17 Oct 2003     Unpredictable Google  ~  why they gotta be dissin me like dat  ~  image: snow on my house
16 Oct 2003     Almost got lucky  ~  at the new Chick-Fil-A at Hamburg Pavilion  ~  image: Brett at the grand opening of Chick-Fil-A
15 Oct 2003     Confessing anonymously  ~  because misery loves company  ~  image: at the Columbia SC jail (in Nov 2001)
13 Oct 2003     Gettin Lucky in Kentucky update  ~  still want to find the T-shirt that Jack Black wears  ~  image: model wearing a Gettin Lucky in Kentucky shirt
13 Oct 2003     Columbus Day  ~  wow, I finally have a day off  ~  image: go back to sleep
11 Oct 2003     Danny is visiting  ~  quick list of activities here  ~  image: Brett vs 1-800-GAMBLER
10 Oct 2003     Late night television  ~  using two TVs to keep up  ~  image: using two televisions for late night TV watching
09 Oct 2003     Do not use Yahoo Webhosting  ~  what a major pain in my ask  ~  image: thanks evildoers
08 Oct 2003     Women of the past and present  ~  birthday greetings and whatnot  ~  image: Memory Lane in Lexington KY
06 Oct 2003     Achievements d'Ariana  ~  getting published again  ~  image: Ariana and Brett at Raven Run (Sept 23 2003)
04 Oct 2003     School of Rock  ~  want to find the T-shirt that Jack Black wears  ~  image: model wearing a Gettin Lucky in Kentucky shirt
03 Oct 2003     Keeneland Race Course  ~  opening day of the fall meet  ~  image: Valerie and Brett at Keeneland
02 Oct 2003     Comfort has a price  ~  no reason to get jealous  ~  image: the Mazda Protégé that I wrecked
01 Oct 2003     Big news  ~  about emelle and a local bookstore  ~  image: me and my sister in Nov 98
30 Sep 2003     The ducks and I  ~  are living la vida easy  ~  image: ducks in the pond at Lexington Green
28 Sep 2003     Things are great  ~  but I miss Ariana  ~  image: Ariana hiding from me (on Sept 20)
26 Sep 2003     Farewell Ariana  ~  one of the best weeks of my life  ~  image: Brett at the Toyota Camry factory in Georgetown
23 Sep 2003     Offline for a week  ~  Ariana is in town  ~  image: Ariana at Raven Run near the Kentucky River
20 Sep 2003     The joy of Sept 20  ~  Louisville dance classes with Ariana and Lexington luau with Danielle  ~  image: Louisville and Lexington signs on I 264
19 Sep 2003     Local news  ~  Gatti Town has switched sodas  ~  image: cattails near the Harrodsburg Rd entrance of Circle 4
19 Sep 2003     Deal of the Day  ~  bowling coupon in the Herald-Leader  ~  image: Patty cannot believe I have so many restaurant coupons
18 Sep 2003     Help me with this display weirdness  ~  and make my life carefree again  ~  image: display problem with cropped characters
16 Sep 2003     Women who need a dance partner  ~  call me quick  ~  image: Emily at Fiesta Latina a few nights ago
15 Sep 2003     Lunches with friends  ~  variety is the spice of life  ~  image: Danielle took this picture of me at Hunan
14 Sep 2003     Busy weekend  ~  big list (with extra photos) of what I did  ~  image: Danielle in the automated car wash at Shell
13 Sep 2003     Unreliable redirects  ~  ipfox is not working right now  ~  image: a guy and a cane and a dog
12 Sep 2003     Happy birthday to Rochelle  ~  wish you were here  ~  image: Rochelle at a party
10 Sep 2003     Patty cracks me up  ~  such spontaneity  ~  image: I am reflected in her sunglasses
09 Sep 2003     Squeaky Reels  ~  headshots here  ~  image: the four members of the Squeaky Reels
09 Sep 2003     Nobody told me  ~  that Turfland mall has a dollar theater  ~  image: movie theater in France (Feb 1999)
08 Sep 2003     Financial uncertainty  ~  hakuna matata  ~  image: Quicken graph of my recent cash flow
07 Sep 2003     Went to church last night  ~  to see Jon Weece  ~  image: Jon Weece making his entrance
05 Sep 2003     Movie clip from my G3  ~  this camera is hecka awesome  ~  image: Isabella climbs the ladder to the slide
05 Sep 2003     Happy birthday  ~  to HP and PC  ~  image: Dad and a grill and a flamingo
03 Sep 2003     Friends of the Kentucky Webman  ~  something good is happening  ~  image: Danielle at Subway
02 Sep 2003     Busy day  ~  oh so hectic  ~  image: I want to speak to her
01 Sep 2003     Photographing friends  ~  is easier when they are extroverts  ~  image: Danielle and Brett in the juniors department
31 Aug 2003     With a little help from my friends  ~  there is no way that I can do this alone  ~  image: Elise Batsel and me, over a decade ago
29 Aug 2003     Four day weekend  ~  nothing at all on the agenda  ~  image: lazy in a hammock in July 2002
28 Aug 2003     Words of wisdom  ~  from the responses I got for my snail-mail survey  ~  image: a shot of my mother taken yesterday
27 Aug 2003     French film festival at UK  ~  spread the word  ~  image: Doonesbury comic with lots of French in it
26 Aug 2003     Owning my own business  ~  would require a big leap of faith  ~  image: Rachel skydiving
24 Aug 2003     Last 15 movies I saw  ~  just a simple list  ~  image: what makes you think I want to buy a stupid ticket
22 Aug 2003     False alarm  ~  I can continue the photoblog after all  ~  image: Patty demonstrates the baby fishmouth
21 Aug 2003     Out of storage space  ~  the end of the photoblog  ~  image: the slippery walkway scares Brett (March 10, 2001)
21 Aug 2003     St Joseph  ~  another source of anger and frustration  ~  image: Mom walking out of the hospital in Feb 2003
19 Aug 2003     A favor for Danielle  ~  regarding a movie called Elephantitus  ~  image: Danielle using my PC
18 Aug 2003     Dad is 60 today  ~  so call him up and say hi  ~  image: Edisto Beach gives my father sinus problems
17 Aug 2003     Machines should let me control them  ~  or else I will get VERY upset and frustrated  ~  image: Ryan mowing my lawn (back in May of 2001)
14 Aug 2003     Upgrading my technology  ~  what a dream life this is  ~  image: Canon Powershot G3
13 Aug 2003     Paint me a picture  ~  sometimes women have no idea  ~  image: Patty painting a bus on March 28 1999
12 Aug 2003     Rewards for being frugal  ~  all this relaxing time off is the shiznit  ~  image: married couples argue about money
10 Aug 2003     Unbelievable weekend  ~  gotta write it down before my volatile memory gets erased  ~  image: dinner at Red Lobster with my family (maybe 1992)
09 Aug 2003     Lesson for Joe Parrish  ~  let me help you  ~  image: one of the first things taught in medical school
08 Aug 2003     Patting myself on the back  ~  big accomplishment on behalf of my latest client  ~  image: KWJ repairing my piano
06 Aug 2003     Photo Friday for last Friday  ~  a late entry for Photo Friday (about curves)  ~  image: a rainbow landed right across the street from my house
06 Aug 2003     Grand Opening  ~  new Wild Oats Market in Lexington  ~  image: Danielle is in the background of this produce section pic
04 Aug 2003     Hoyle Board Games 2003  ~  thank you Bethany  ~  image: life is like a game
02 Aug 2003     Good day so far  ~  working with Kenny Jones  ~  image: I am having a breakdown (July 26 2002)
01 Aug 2003     Long phone chat with Rochelle  ~  what a lovely woman she is  ~  image: Rochelle at a pay phone in Switzerland in June 2002
01 Aug 2003     All hail my generous parents  ~  for fixing my piano  ~  image: piano repair guy arrives at the Mason mansion
31 Jul 2003     Clean-shaven once more  ~  because I prefer it that way  ~  image: my bare face in Nov 98
31 Jul 2003     My first 5:00 am entry  ~  got down tonight  ~  image: go back to sleep
30 Jul 2003     Wish I could identify this plant  ~  it could be poison ivy  ~  image: help me identify the three leaf bunches
30 Jul 2003     A photo of my new whiskers  ~  for your enjoyment  ~  image: self-portrait at a picnic table
29 Jul 2003     Do not skip any Berea dances  ~  Charley and Bobi will boost your spirits  ~  image: Bobi choosing a sushi roll
28 Jul 2003     Answer to my Microsoft crash  ~  WinXP and WMI are no friends of mine  ~  image: mine keeps crashing too
27 Jul 2003     Yet another Microsoft screwup  ~  my home computer is not restored yet  ~  image: arret
22 Jul 2003     Nothing to report  ~  just relaxing at the bachelor pad  ~  image: time in front of the PC does not make me sociable
19 Jul 2003     Exciting photo of Catherine  ~  because Tanya forbids me from posting her photo here  ~  image: Catherine Simmons entertains us with fire
18 Jul 2003     Danielle is getting well  ~  and I am keeping her entertained  ~  image: Danielle posing with the 103rd dalmatian
16 Jul 2003     Authenticated musician  ~  looking for some groupies to love  ~  image: baby Brett playing the piano (in March 1971)
15 Jul 2003     Gave blood today  ~  three gallons down, seventeen to go  ~  image: Rochelle giving blood in Feb 2003
15 Jul 2003     Thanks, sis  ~  Rachael Lampa says that you lift me up  ~  image: Rachel and you and me and Veronica and a church (Aug 92)
12 Jul 2003     The trip to Florida  ~  read all about it  ~  image: Brett and Mom at the beach sitting on the tailgate of her truck
26 Jun 2003     Stopping for a while  ~  thanks for visiting . . . check back after July 8  ~  image: arret
24 Jun 2003     This-or-That Tuesday on June 24  ~  This-or-That Tuesday about websurfing  ~  image: Doonesbury cartoon about blogging
23 Jun 2003     Ask and ye shall receive  ~  wanna wear shorts everywhere  ~  image: Bethany and Brett dancing at Swingin on Main
21 Jun 2003     No one sees me being unhappy  ~  world laughs with you, weep and you weep alone  ~  image: Brett and Valerie dancing on the street 6 29 2002
20 Jun 2003     Happy birthday to Kelly and Bethany  ~  eat drink and be merry  ~  image: Kelly and Brett dancing on 7 19 2002
19 Jun 2003     Unimportant discoveries  ~  brettmason and Harem  ~  image: Brett dancing with Bethany in front of a shoe store
17 Jun 2003     Comparison across the years, again  ~  sampling journal entries about my birthday from 1982 to 2003  ~  image: visiting the Montreal train station on my birthday in 2001
17 Jun 2003     This-or-That Tuesday on my 33rd birthday  ~  This-or-That Tuesday about reading  ~  image: Brett reading an Atlanta newspaper in July 99
16 Jun 2003     My new thumbnail gallery  ~  you should go visit it right now  ~  image: snow on the Mason mansion
15 Jun 2003     Happy Father's Day  ~  he is much better to me than I am to him  ~  image: Bethany shopping for cookie dough
13 Jun 2003     Photo Friday and Friday Five for June 13  ~  my entries for PF (about multiples) and F5  ~  image: multiple faucets on a display wall at Home Depot
11 Jun 2003     Daughters of Charity in Evansville IN  ~  the mystery guest who could say hi  ~  image: really like to know where my friends are tonight
10 Jun 2003     This-or-That Tuesday on June 10  ~  This-or-That Tuesday about TV  ~  image: Brett and Rachel laugh when they discuss the Simpsons
09 Jun 2003     Watch TV tonight  ~  and send me a birthday package tomorrow  ~  image: my birthday is coming up soon
08 Jun 2003     My niece just graduated from high school  ~  and I was there to document the occasion  ~  image: Cheryl and Rachel after the graduation ceremony
06 Jun 2003     Photo Friday and Friday Five for June 6  ~  my entries for PF (about packaging) and F5 (about love)  ~  image: Isabella playing in a Sony TV box
05 Jun 2003     Farewell gift from Lexcall to me  ~  gift certificate for an Italian restaurant  ~  image: me at my Lexcall desk
04 Jun 2003     How I celebrated my sister's birthday  ~  keeping in mind that my birthday is in 2 weeks  ~  image: Mary lifting Brett in Nov 99
03 Jun 2003     This-or-That Tuesday on my sister's birthday  ~  This-or-That Tuesday about animals  ~  image: me and my sister in Nov 98
02 Jun 2003     Bad boy Brett  ~  in a life without accountability  ~  image: Brett in front of the Columbia SC jail (in Nov 2001)
30 May 2003     Photo Friday and Friday Five for May 30  ~  weekly entries for Photo Friday and Friday 5  ~  image: wrecked Mazda of Dec 2000
29 May 2003     3 links I want to share with you  ~  photo essay and MoviePooper and FWFR  ~  image: Brett watches Danny surf the web on his laptop (in March 2002)
27 May 2003     This-or-That Tuesday for May 27  ~  This-or-That Tuesday answers  ~  image: listening to music while on hold
26 May 2003     Contra dancing with Bethany  ~  makes me forget all my troubles  ~  image: volunteer musicians performing for Contra dancers
23 May 2003     Photo Friday and Friday Five for May 23  ~  weekly entries for Photo Friday and Friday 5  ~  image: water wheel (shot in Sept 1999)
22 May 2003     Target audience for this website  ~  get out of the kitchen if you cannot stand the warmth  ~  image: hate not getting any love letters
20 May 2003     This-or-That Tuesday for May 20  ~  This-or-That Tuesday answers  ~  image: I have 2 sisters and no brothers
19 May 2003     Revealing some whereabouts  ~  I just might call you back if you leave a comment but no phone number  ~  image: an Alexander that I know
18 May 2003     The risk of knowing me  ~  your whereabouts might be revealed on this blog  ~  image: Valerie and Darren and Robert and Cranium
17 May 2003     More thoughts about the Matrix sequel  ~  wish I liked it more than I do  ~  image: distorted self portrait taken 3 years ago in the jail computer room
16 May 2003     Smoke inhalation  ~  rescue me  ~  image: ballet dancers Roberto and Norbe at a smoking grill (in July 2001)
16 May 2003     Photo Friday and Friday Five for May 16  ~  weekly entries for Photo Friday and Friday 5  ~  image: pouring my first dulce de leche M-Ms into my hand
15 May 2003     Matrix Reloaded movie review  ~  see it for no other reason than to keep up  ~  image: what makes you think I want to buy a stupid ticket
14 May 2003     Too much excitement  ~  for a Wednesday night  ~  image: Eve and Shannon playing Contra dance music
13 May 2003     This-or-That Tuesday for May 13  ~  This-or-That Tuesday answers  ~  image: Mary and Dad and me at the ocean (in Feb 2002)
13 May 2003     Distracted  ~  new tennis partner and dance partner  ~  image: Brett and Bethany at Addison Park
09 May 2003     Opening night of La Fille Mal Gardee  ~  a problem-free performance  ~  image: daughter and father who appears to be a mother
09 May 2003     Photo Friday and Friday Five for May 9  ~  weekly entries for Photo Friday and Friday 5  ~  image: one of the buildings in downtown Lexington
08 May 2003     Goodyear blimp  ~  flew over my house today  ~  image: Goodyear blimp in flight over Lexington
07 May 2003     La Fille Mal Gardee  ~  life as a "featured extra" in a ballet  ~  image: KBT rehearsal of La Fille Mal Gardee
06 May 2003     This-or-That Tuesday for May 6  ~  This-or-That Tuesday answers  ~  image: usually nothing good in the paper about TV
05 May 2003     Bethany  ~  shown here with her permission  ~  image: Bethany
04 May 2003     Derby weekend  ~  lots of dancing and entertainment  ~  image: Brett and Rafaela
02 May 2003     Photo Friday and Friday Five for May 2  ~  weekly entries for Photo Friday and Friday 5  ~  image: I look so small in front of this giant Rubiks Cube
30 Apr 2003     Cookout with Danielle  ~  I took a whole buncha pix  ~  image: Danielle shot me at the firearms training facility
30 Apr 2003     When God opens a door, he closes a window  ~  free ice cream and free French movies  ~  image: can someone get the door
29 Apr 2003     This-or-That Tuesday for April 29  ~  This-or-That Tuesday answers and a shout-out to GeoURL  ~  image: my recliner when it sat in my old apartment on Larkin Rd
26 Apr 2003     Build your own photoblog in MS Access  ~  fool people into thinking you are using server-side scripting like ASP or PHP  ~  image: Brett in deep thought about programming (in July 2000)
25 Apr 2003     Photo Friday and Friday Five for Apr 25  ~  weekly entries for Photo Friday and Friday 5  ~  image: Kelly and the big water tower shadow (in Feb 2002)
23 Apr 2003     Contra dance music  ~  being the piano man in a new band  ~  image: Shannon and Eve and me and Cary
22 Apr 2003     This-or-That Tuesday for April 22  ~  weekly entry for This-or-That Tuesday  ~  image: Heather shot me at the Cheesecake Factory in Columbus Ohio (in July 2001)
20 Apr 2003     Happy birthday to Valerie  ~  and happy birthday to you too  ~  image: Valerie playing my piano while Chris watches (in August 2000)
18 Apr 2003     Photo Friday and This-or-That Tuesday  ~  weekly entries for Photo Friday and This-or-That Tuesday  ~  image: Brett appears to grab the Edisto Beach water tower (in Feb 2002)
16 Apr 2003     Kinetic sculptures  ~  a new Honda ad in Europe is amazing  ~  image: Rube Goldberg would love this Honda promo
15 Apr 2003     Reconciliations  ~  my on-again off-again relationships  ~  image: my former boss Harold on the phone (in July 2000)
11 Apr 2003     Photo Friday and Friday Five for Apr 11  ~  weekly entries for Photo Friday and Friday 5  ~  image: so young and so topless
10 Apr 2003     Rainbow  ~  been a long time since I saw one  ~  image: a rainbow landed right across the street from my house
09 Apr 2003     Valerie and her cats have moved in  ~  da crib gonna be jumpin fo shizzle ma nizzle  ~  image: Valerie tests a marimba at the Roots and Heritage Festival (2002 Sep 6)
07 Apr 2003     Soon to be unemployed  ~  an impending layoff at Lexcall  ~  image: Brett at his desk at Lexcall
04 Apr 2003     Photo Friday and Friday Five for Apr 4  ~  weekly entries for Photo Friday and Friday 5  ~  image: Patty smelling the flowers of spring
03 Apr 2003     Comparison across the years  ~  sampling April 3rd journal entries from 1985 to 2003  ~  image: bartending ID I got in 1995
02 Apr 2003     Cheerwine and Ale-8-One  ~  regional sodas we know and love  ~  image: I need a drink
02 Apr 2003     3 utility programs I use constantly  ~  go get Proxomitron, PTFB, and SolSuite  ~  image: Rochelle using my PC in June 2002
31 Mar 2003     Billiards for nonsmokers  ~  tell all of your friends  ~  image: cookout with outdoor pool table on July 6 2002
28 Mar 2003     2 in 1: Photo Friday Five  ~  killing PF and FF birds with one stone  ~  image: glass bottle on the recycle bin
27 Mar 2003     My new housemate  ~  Valerie is moving in  ~  image: Valerie at the Ohio Renaissance Fair on 1999-08-29
26 Mar 2003     Sidewalk repair  ~  LFUCG Code Enforcement is on the prowl  ~  image: big problems with my sidewalk
25 Mar 2003     Less inside more outside  ~  sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy  ~  image: those forking weeds are a pain
21 Mar 2003     Friday Five on March 21  ~  weekly installment of questions from the Friday Five website  ~  image: countdown
20 Mar 2003     A much better Photo Friday entry  ~  deep blue something  ~  image: Heather and Kelly in front of the jellyfish tank
20 Mar 2003     Another early Photo Friday entry  ~  a dancing foot gathers no socks  ~  image: Kay and the blue socks
20 Mar 2003     Photo Friday for Thursday, March 20  ~  something blue for Photo Friday  ~  image: Sam and the blue lights
18 Mar 2003     A whole new world to freak me out  ~  Lexington suddenly expects a 10-digit local phone number (for the first time ever)  ~  image: freaky
17 Mar 2003     Surprised by my name again  ~  how ytterbium and Brett got separated at birth  ~  image: I have to admit that I am surprised
17 Mar 2003     Farewell to Rochelle  ~  heavy sigh  ~  image: the guest of honor
16 Mar 2003     Another lovely day  ~  when beautiful people get together and sing  ~  image: Brett and Elena watching a backyard concert
14 Mar 2003     Photo Friday for March 14  ~  garbage for Photo Friday  ~  image: yard waste chez Willis
14 Mar 2003     Friday Five on March 14  ~  weekly installment of questions from the Friday Five website  ~  image: Patty on her cell phone
11 Mar 2003     Relocations  ~  eventually all my friends and family will be in other time zones  ~  image: Brett Rochelle Rachel Mom at a restaurant July 2002
08 Mar 2003     Lovely day  ~  nice weather for visiting friends  ~  image: outdoor concert given by Shannon and her husband and another guy
07 Mar 2003     Friday Five on March 7  ~  weekly installment of questions from the Friday Five website  ~  image: five four three two one
07 Mar 2003     Photo Friday for March 7  ~  stapler for Photo Friday  ~  image: closeup of Bostitch stapler
05 Mar 2003     Artificial intelligence  ~  trying to recognize you when you enter my site  ~  image: Intelligence Artificielle movie poster
03 Mar 2003     No one noticed it was 03:03:03 on 03/03/03  ~  Dick Clark didn't count it down for me  ~  image: look at the time
03 Mar 2003     It all works out  ~  worry is a sin, so be joyful instead  ~  image: I got a Christmas present in March from a stranger
01 Mar 2003     Wall Street Journal  ~  fun while it lasts  ~  image: Brett reading an Atlanta newspaper in July 99
01 Mar 2003     Photo Friday for Feb 28  ~  stop sign for Photo Friday  ~  image: French stop sign in Montreal
28 Feb 2003     Solving a mystery  ~  curiosity about a frequent visitor to my site  ~  image: see if we can find out
28 Feb 2003     Friday Five on February 28  ~  weekly installment of questions from the Friday Five website  ~  image: Brett learning computer skills from a library book
28 Feb 2003     Mirror Project website  ~  reflecting  ~  image: Brett at the Louisville Science Center
27 Feb 2003     Thankful for Danielle  ~  the best neighbor ever  ~  image: Danielle came to Singletary Center to see Brett perform
26 Feb 2003     Gas prices  ~  no oil company is gonna milk me  ~  image: in my neighborhood, gasoline is now $1.679 per gallon
24 Feb 2003     Cheryl's birthday  ~  she wants to be the top spot on my photoblog  ~  image: Cheryl on the golf course
24 Feb 2003     New high score  ~  I had never bowled over 200 before  ~  image: 211 on computerized scoreboard at Eastland Lanes
24 Feb 2003     Gotta catch up now  ~  couldn't update my site while my power was out for a week  ~  image: Brett at the Emergency Operations Center
21 Feb 2003     Friday Five on Feb 21  ~  weekly installment of questions from the Friday Five website  ~  image: elephant toy
16 Feb 2003     Ice storm 2003  ~  the week that many Lexington residents lost their electricity  ~  image: ice storm 2003
14 Feb 2003     Expensive mistakes  ~  today Bluegrass Towing stole my car while I was at lunch  ~  image: I hate Bluegrass Towing because they first hated me
14 Feb 2003     Valentine for Photo Friday  ~  Feb 14 submission to Photo Friday  ~  image: Brett and Dad love the sunset
14 Feb 2003     Friday Five for February Fourteen  ~  weekly installment of questions from the Friday Five website  ~  image: Patty knows how many survey questions there are
13 Feb 2003     My valentine  ~  much ado about nothing  ~  image: giving a shout-out to my Valentine
12 Feb 2003     Push and pull kinda day  ~  tug-o-war  ~  image: Robert and Brad and Cookie and Marianne
10 Feb 2003     Cranium faucet  ~  another submission to Photo Friday  ~  image: dripping faucet
09 Feb 2003     Faucet for Photo Friday  ~  my first submission to Photo Friday  ~  image: my self portrait in a shiny faucet
09 Feb 2003     Cold house, cold heart  ~  no woman can figure out my lack of warmth  ~  image: Mom getting her blood pressure checked
08 Feb 2003     Now showing  ~  going to the dollar movies with Mom  ~  image: Isabella playing in a Sony TV box
07 Feb 2003     Friday Five on Feb 7  ~  weekly installment of questions from the Friday Five website  ~  image: Patty cannot believe I have so many restaurant coupons
06 Feb 2003     Giving blood with Rochelle  ~  but then again, no.  ~  image: Brett waits for Rochelle to finish donating blood
06 Feb 2003     Sample of searches  ~  just killing time by looking for disturbing search requests in my referrer logs  ~  image: checking the hits on my website
05 Feb 2003     Mom has a new attitude  ~  who will be here tomorrow night? dunno.  ~  image: Rachel and Mom at an outdoor concert
05 Feb 2003     Boosting your website traffic  ~  giving a shout-out to and the Photobloggies  ~  image: baby Isabella is my new advertising rep
04 Feb 2003     Lazlo helps me so much  ~  logfiles, referrers, and searches for lyrics  ~  image: Mark cannot stop thinking about Lazlo Bane
03 Feb 2003     A good weekend lasts longer than the weekend  ~  I'm high on life, thanks to my women friends  ~  image: Brett doing yardwork at his house
02 Feb 2003     Why am I hurting so many people?  ~  pay no mind to the verbal darts from Dr. Cox  ~  image: Foxtrot cartoon
02 Feb 2003     Patty and I are evenly matched  ~  bowling and being goofy  ~  image: Patty and Brett at the bowling alley
01 Feb 2003     Chinese New Year  ~  I resolve to send more snail mail  ~  image: Cheryl and Dad celebrate the new calendar year
31 Jan 2003     Surprised by my own name  ~  Mason mixes Perl and HTML; Friday Five survey  ~  image: Brett learning computer skills from a library book
30 Jan 2003     Dad and graphic design  ~  Photoshop  ~  image: Brett Bugle logo submitted by Dad
30 Jan 2003     Silver Spoons and Witherspoons  ~  Ricky Schroder, Reese Witherspoon, emelle  ~  image: Ricky Schroder was the star of Silver Spoons
29 Jan 2003     Let me promote you  ~  logo design, Graham Wheeler  ~  image: Brett Bugle logo
28 Jan 2003     She's Having a Baby  ~  Elizabeth McGovern  ~  image: behind the scenes with John Hughes, Kevin Bacon, and Elizabeth McGovern
27 Jan 2003     Autophotoblogging test 1  ~  regarding Lazlo Bane lyrics and inmates at LFUCG jail  ~  image: snow on the Mason mansion
25 Jan 2003     Go to non-photoblog Bugle  ~  wretched and naked world without photoblogs  ~  image: Patty and Elizabeth