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19 Oct 2003

ABOVE: a young Brett Mason standing in front of his childhood home on 10th Terrace in West Miami.

Looking back through recent entries, I can see that I've left you in the dark about my whereabouts and activities lately. In this entry, I will turn the light on for ya.

  • I've secretly been raking Danielle's front yard for her
  • I regularly check out old movies from the library and watch them
  • last Tuesday, tried to finish composing a waltz I started in 1995, so that my band could learn it before we perform again in April
  • last Wednesday, took Tanya to a French film at UK
  • saw Tanya again on Friday because there was a free bowling coupon in the paper for her and me to redeem
  • saw Mystic River at Regal Cinemas on Friday night
  • Saturday morning, Bethany came over to take some live plants from my yard to her yard
  • saw Kill Bill at Regal Cinemas last night
  • Danielle and I just ran some errands this afternoon

That's it, I guess. I left out the Chick Fil A story because I'm sure you've already read it.

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