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Brett Bugle is the personal homepage of James Brett Mason of Lexington KY USA, 34 years old
Lexington KY USA


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Above all else, I love French stuff, especially French actresses and French rap songs.
Equally pleasing is the thrill of getting something for nothing.
  • Book — What Is Man, by Mark Twain
  • TV Show — Saturday Night Live
  • Movie — Groundhog Day
  • Actor — Jim Carrey
  • Comedian — Brian Regan
  • Musician (French) — MC Solaar
  • Musical Group (British) — Bananarama
  • Musical Group (Irish) — The Corrs
  • Album — Lead Me On, by Amy Grant (check my CD list)
  • Song — Séquelles, by MC Solaar
  • Novelty Song — Hardware Store, by Weird Al
  • Christmas Song — Carol of the Bells
  • Comic Strip — Calvin and Hobbes
  • Animated Show — Simpsons
  • Zoo Animal — Elephant
  • Domesticated Animal — Golden lab
  • Sport to Watch — Gymnastics
  • Sport to Play — Tennis
  • Social Event — Ballroom dance at EKU
  • Cuisine — Italian
  • Fish — Smoked salmon
  • Breakfast Cereal — Frosted Krispies
  • Travel Snack — Clif Bar
  • Salty Snack — SunChips (cheddar)
  • Dessert — Cheesecake
  • Candy — Almond M&M's
  • Cookie — Mint Milano
  • Beverage — White House apple juice
  • Diet soda — Fresca
  • Alcoholic beverage — Nyquil
  • Salad dressing — Joe Bologna's hot bacon dressing
  • CondimentBarbecue sauce
  • Pizza Topping — BBQ Chicken
  • Car — Lexus
  • Computer — Macintosh G4 Powerbook
  • Instrument — Yamaha Disklavier Piano
  • Magazine — Adbusters
  • High-Risk Occupation — Gambling
  • Travel Destination — South France
  • Foreign Language — French
  • AlphabetBraille
  • School Subject — Algebra
  • Color — Navy blue
  • Advice — "To thine own self be true."
  • Sin — Lust
  • Bible Verse — I Thessalonians 5:16
  • Movie CriticRoger Ebert
  • Web PortalMy Yahoo
  • Search Engine — Google
Above all else, I hate stoplights! Especially the red left-turn arrows.
Equally maddening are radio and TV and email commercials. SPAM!
  • TV Show — Wheel of Fortune
  • Movie — Superman 4
  • Actor — Jon Lovitz
  • Comedian — Wendy Liebman
  • Musical Group — Indigo Girls
  • Christmas Song — Rudolph
  • Comic Strip — Marmaduke
  • Sport to Watch — Wrestling
  • Social Event — Church crusade
  • Cuisine — Spicy, like Cajun
  • Vegetable — Asparagus
  • Salty Snack — Salt
  • Candy — Peeps
  • Beverage — Beer
  • Condiment — Sour cream
  • Pizza Topping — Mushrooms
  • Person — Car dealership mechanic
  • Travel Destination — Iraq
  • Foreign Language — Klingon
  • School Subject — History
  • Advice — "You'll find her when you stop looking."
  • Bible Verse — I Thessalonians 5:17
  • Sin — Unbelief
  • Search Engine — Ask Jeeves (
I might offend somebody
Favorite Movies
Documentary Etoiles: Dancers of the
Paris Opera Ballet

This movie only has two ingredients, both of which I find captivating: ballet and the French language.
Rated G Great Muppet Caper
Entertaining and completely inoffensive.
Rated PG Groundhog Day
This "meaning-of-life" film wakes me up to my selfishness.
Rated PG13 tie:
She's Having a Baby
About a Boy
One movie shows the life I thought I'd lead, and the other shows the life I lead.
Rated R Planes, Trains and Automobiles
Uses comedy to demonstrate tolerance and compassion.
Foreign Trois Couleurs: Rouge
Uses drama to demonstrate tolerance and compassion.
Trilogy Back to the Future
Very, very clever movies.

Some of my other favorite movies can be found on my DVD list.
Now go listen to a funny quote from Doctor Evil.
My Life

Things are great here in Lexington, pretty much. I have a splendid house in a splendid neighborhood, happily married parents, two friendly sisters, tons of Christmas-card friends, a good source of income, a reliable car, and an unlimited supply of beautiful women to dance with.


My Family

From youngest to oldest:  Brett, Mary Lynn, Cheryl, Lois, Jerry

(the photos above were taken in March 2002)
About Me
  • My contact info is linked here.
  • Will be 34 years old until 17 June 2005.
  • I have two older sisters who trained me from birth to respect and fear women.
  • Previous addresses include Miami, Charlotte, Asheville, Atlanta, Orlando, San Jose, Richmond, and Dijon.
  • Making mortgage payments on a nifty house in Lexington, Kentucky, right down the street from Keeneland
  • Quite proud of having 20/20 vision and 30/30 pants.
  • Not quite as proud of having false teeth.
  • I spend my life indoors (offices, malls, movies, dances).
  • If the world is made up of two kinds of people, savers and spenders, I am a saver.
  • The best word I've heard used to describe me is insouciant.
  • A friend of a friend described me with the phrase "selective integrity."
  • I was raised in the Baptist church but am now rebelling against that.
  • When I am "behind the wheel," I hate everybody.
  • At Asheville High School (class of '87, Asheville NC), I was known as James Mason.
  • At Asheville High School, I was in the same classes as the upcoming superstar actress Amy Young.
  • Graduated from DeVry Atlanta (BSEET degree) in 1990 with Tony Rose.
  • Enjoyed temp'ing for 5 years because of the refreshing gaps between temp assignments.
  • Attracted to French-speaking blue-eyed brunette women who smile a lot.
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