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Brett Bugle is the personal homepage of James Brett Mason of Lexington KY USA, 35 years old
Lexington KY USA

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If you're curious, here are the CDs I already own

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If the DVD is available in widescreen, I would much rather have that than full-screen.


If you're curious, here are the DVDs I already own

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My Goals
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I plan to eventually get married and have a wonderful honeymoon in France. Maybe I'll get married in France, too.

My two daughters and two sons will be fluent in French and ASL as well as English.

If I keep devoting as much time to programming as I currently do, I will end up with a six-figure salary in the computer field. I will spend most of this income on my family or charitable causes. At the same time, though, I plan to spend enormous amounts of money on apple juice and meal bars.