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Isabella climbs the ladder to the slide

Movie clip from my G3

05 Sep 2003

Penny and I attended a school picnic for her daughters, and I brought my Canon Powershot G3 along. Since I am such a stranger to the school, I wasn't feeling very interactive, wasn't mingling, wasn't meeting any teachers or parents. And a school picnic isn't such a great place for me to flirt with Penny. So I mostly concentrated on learning some new features of my new camera.

By the end of the event, I had taken 16 color pictures, 10 black-and-white pictures, and six mini-movies (AVI files). Penny's youngest daughter Isabella was an excellent subject because she is adorable and doesn't shy away from the camera like Megan does. She is shown in the photo above.

Here is a sweet little movie of Isabella sliding into someone. It's 516 kilobytes, for those of us on dial-up connections who are concerned about such things.

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this camera is hecka awesome Dad and a grill and a flamingo Jon Weece making his entrance

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