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Mom walking out of the hospital in Feb 2003

St Joseph

21 Aug 2003

Yesterday, for the first time since I've been unemployed, I had to move money from savings into checking in order to pay bills. This is the trigger I was waiting for, the motivating factor that will throw me back into the job market.

My ideal job would be to write databases for Saint Joseph Hospital because it is in walking distance of my house. I'd save on gas, and I'd get those killer benefits like company picnics and cheap childbirths.

Unfortunately, St Joseph Hospital has a horribly inefficient and disorganized Human Resources Department. I had submitted an application back in May, and today I went back to see what good that application did me. The woman I spoke to gave me the impression that I might be qualified for an opening they've had since April, but when she went to grab my application from the file cabinet, she could not find it. I watched her flip through every single M in the cabinet, looking for my application. Apart from sorting the files by first letter of last name, they don't alphabetize their files at all!! How insanely idiotic!!

So here I am, filling out the friggin application all over again because the stupid HR people lost my first application. Don't ever believe a company that says they'll hold / process your application for a year. Expect to go back every three months and start all over.

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