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rush hour traffic was affected by the two smashed cars

In a wreck with Penny

04 Nov 2003

Yesterday I had planned to write something but never got a chance. I spent the entire day with Penny and was away from my computer. But lucky for me, I had my digital camera.

How it all began was that Penny had recruited me to come to work with her yesterday. She wanted me to meet with her coworkers about a computer project they were going to start at the nonprofit center where she works. To give me added incentive to do this, she offered to pick me up in the morning on her way to work. So a little after 8 a.m., my day began when Penny picked me up at my house.

We were on our way to her daughter's school, driving toward downtown on Versailles Road. At that time of the morning, the sun is at exactly the same angle from the cars as the stoplights are. So it was very hard to tell that a light on Delmont Drive had turned red, and when Penny realized she was about to run a red light, she slammed on the brakes.

Well, the woman who was driving the Mazda Protégé behind Penny could not see the light either and could barely even see that Penny was stopping. So a moment after Penny stopped for the light, her back bumper got pounded by a Protégé. It was surprising but not harmful.

I had my camera with me, so I got out, took some pictures, and went to a phone to call the police and Penny's daughter's school. When I returned to the car, Penny and the policeman were doing the paperwork for the accident, and I thought maybe I should walk Megan to school because we weren't that far away. Penny said okay, and off I went with Megan.

After Megan and I reached the school, Penny picked me up there, and she and I went to work. Spent an entire workday there.

After work I helped Penny by watching Megan while Penny took her other daughter Isabella to the pediatrician. Isabella was having some breathing problems (unrelated to the wreck, since Isabella was not in the wreck). So I was at Penny's for quite a while and played Jenga with Megan and ate dinner and even watched the movie Elizabeth.

And now ya know. Sorry to keep you waiting so long for an update.

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such a full day yesterday having no visitors makes Brett a sad clown Valerie and her future husband Darren

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