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Danielle is in the background of this produce section pic

Grand Opening

06 Aug 2003

Today, when I asked Danielle what she wanted to do for lunch, she said she wanted to go to the grand opening of the Wild Oats store at Lexington Green shopping center, so I agreed to drive her there and back. It was pretty cool:  there were free samples of many different foods, and I crossed paths with 2 people I know. Danielle wanted me to mention that we achieved some kind of lunch hour record by getting there and back from downtown Lexington, with lots of shopping and talking included, in 52 minutes.

By posting this blog entry about Wild Oats, I think I am going to attract more than a few new visitors to my website. In my logfiles, I notice that people who are searching for "Planet Thai" also find my website, as well as the people who want more info about our local Gatti Town. I wonder if I can start marketing my web design services to places like Wild Oats, Planet Thai, and Gatti Town because they can't be easily found on the Internet.

Go to my Wild Oats photo album page to see more of today's visit to their Lexington grand opening.

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