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Brett reading an Atlanta newspaper in July 99

This-or-That Tuesday on my 33rd birthday

17 Jun 2003

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1. Newspapers or magazines?
When I am hanging out at a library, I read the newspapers. When I am hanging out at a bookstore, I read the magazines. When I am hanging out at work or at home, I read news aggregators like Blogdex.

2. Books-on-tape or regular books?
They both put me to sleep, so I choose neither.

3. Paperback or hardcover?
If this is about buying books, I exclude myself because I never buy books. The books I check out at the library are typically paper-backed computer books.

4. Fiction or non-fiction?
Always nonfiction -- I get all my fiction from movies.

5. Sci-Fi/Fantasy or romance novels?
See previous answer.

6. Borrow from library or buy books (either new or used)?
See answer to question 3.

7. Subscribe to magazines or buy on newsstand?
Neither. I flip through them at bookstores and leave them where I find them.

8. Current best-sellers or classic literature?
Bah. Not much of a reading guy, me. Gimme the moo-vee learnin.

9. Read books once, or re-read favorites every so often?
S.O.P. is to read a book once (if at all) then flip to the good parts later.

10. Here in the U.S., we have two hot best-sellers...former First Lady Hillary Clinton's memoirs, and the new Harry Potter book (coming out June 21). If you had to read one, which one...Hillary or Harry? Why?
The great thing about my life is that I never have to read any books. My leisure time is freed up for more entertaining things like bowling and ballroom dancing.

Homer: Marge, I'm bored...
Marge: Why don't you read a book, then?
Homer: Because I'm trying to reduce my boredom.

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This-or-That Tuesday about reading snow on the Mason mansion visiting the Montreal train station on my birthday in 2001

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