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visiting the Montreal train station on my birthday in 2001

Comparison across the years, again

17 Jun 2003

I did this same kind of blog entry a few months ago (go see), but since today is my birthday, I wanted to do it again. Plus, today is my friend Shannon's birthday, so there's another big reason to do something special.

The following list is compiled from all my old journals. If a year is missing, it's because I either haven't found that year's journal yet or wasn't keeping a journal that year.

1982 06 17 - on tour with the Charlotte Choir Boys (I was a soprano)
1983 06 17 - on the road to Alaska with G-ma, G-pa, and cousins Danny and Travis
1985 06 17 - went to work with Mary and played Zork on her boss's computer
1986 06 17 - doing a special academic thing: summer classes in engineering at UNC Asheville
1987 06 17 - Asheville NC - Carole and Roni came over to bake me a carrot cake
1988 06 17 - drove from my college home (Atlanta) to my parents' home (Charlotte NC) for a visit
1990 06 17 - Atlanta GA - a normal summer Sunday with church and swimming
1993 06 17 - Charlotte NC - Mom made chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast
1994 06 17 - Atlanta GA - worked at my temp job then went bowling with church friends
1995 06 17 - making final arrangements to leave Atlanta and go to France
1996 06 17 - Lexington KY - took the day off from work, went to the dentist
1997 06 17 - my boss Harold took me to a strip club (my only time ever)
1998 06 17 - spent most of my day visiting Patty, incl. going to a dinner party
1999 06 17 - went to KY Kingdom amusement park with Lindsay Morris and others
2000 06 17 - Meaghan drove me to (and paid my way into) the Louisville Contra dance
2001 06 17 - roamed Montreal during the 4th day of my 5-day solo trip
2002 06 17 - pretty ho-hum day in Lexington, but Patty fixed me a nice dinner
2003 06 17 - work at Lexcall; lunch at Red Lobster with Danielle; dentist appointment at 2:30

You probably already know this, but I feel like reminding you that my archived website news pages give you the full story of my life from 1994 forward.

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sampling journal entries about my birthday from 1982 to 2003 Brett reading an Atlanta newspaper in July 99 Brett dancing with Bethany in front of a shoe store

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