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Elise Batsel and me, over a decade ago

With a little help from my friends

31 Aug 2003

(The photo above was taken with a keychain camera, a pinhole camera. Amazing, no?)

The empty weekend I wrote about in my last entry has been filling up nicely. On Friday night I accompanied Bobi on some errands she needed to run, and yesterday I spent some time planning a new business with Kenny then attended a church service with Danielle and her mom. Today, in just a moment, I'm going to the library with Danielle and Chris.

If it weren't for my friends, I probably wouldn't do much at all. It's a crying shame that I have such a lack of ambition. Looking at the lives of my former classmates, I realize that there's tons I could have achieved by now. (See my little list of big accomplishments.) Sigh.

Well, on the bright side, life should rock hard pretty soon. Bobi has offered to help me decorate my house. Kenny has put some fire on my feet in the world of small business; I would post a link to our new web domain, but it hasn't been set up yet. Keep checking back to see what happens; you know I'll write about it here.

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