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the Mazda Protégé that I wrecked

Comfort has a price

02 Oct 2003

I think that some of my friends and former coworkers think I'm living some kind of charmed life right now. Well, I agree that it's going really smoothly at the moment, but I have paid my dues. My life has not been all paradisiaque.

  • Remember when I picked a major in college that I wasted several years learning but never used after graduation?
  • Remember when I wasted all that money starting my own business, Atlanta Valusource?
  • Remember when I got dumped by the woman I followed to Lexington, which left me all alone in Kentucky?
  • Remember when I passed out on a sidewalk at the University of KY and broke my teeth?
  • Remember when Anne's dog attacked my foot and made me cry?
  • Remember when cancelled my collision insurance months before I totalled the car shown above, dropping $5000 off my net worth instantly?
  • Remember when I was downsized from Information Connection in 2001 and the Lexington city government in 2003?
No reason for you to remember any of those things. I will hold on to them myself, then crush them under my happy feet.

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