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movie theater in France (Feb 1999)

Nobody told me

09 Sep 2003

Considering how much time I'm spending at home now, on my computer or on my piano, I welcome any reason to get out of the house. That's why I go have lunch with friends every weekday. And that's why I plan to attend the Fiesta Latina at Phoenix Park on Saturday night, even though I'm not a big fan of Spanish stuff or Latin music.

Last night when I was watching TV with Penny, we were flipping through the newspaper, and I discovered that Turfland Cinema is listed in the discount movies section. When did this happen? Why hadn't I heard about this sooner? I am pretty stoked about the change because Turfland Cinema is the only cinema in walking distance of my house.

I tell you what. . . a multitude of good things are happening this year. I'm living the sweet life in what my parents are calling "the year of the Brett."

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