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Paula and Ariana at the Navy Pier ferris wheel in Chicago

My trip to Chicago

27 Dec 2003

I thought I'd have lots of photos and lots of exciting stories, but as it turns out, I don't. I just have a lot of happy memories and a few photos and a few video clips. But I know you're curious about my trip, so here's how it went:

I did the bulk of the driving on Dec 24, going from Lexington KY to Hammond IN. Spent the night at a hotel in Hammond.

Drove the rest of the way to Chicago on Dec 25, meeting up with Ariana and her friend Paula at her other friend Erin's house. From there we went to Navy Pier (pictured above) and walked around for several hours. All the shops were closed, of course, but the Stained Glass Museum is always open, and the jumping water in the big atrium is always jumping.

The whole purpose of the Chicago rendez-vous was to eat in a Chinese restaurant on Christmas, so we did that, too, after we left Navy Pier. And we drove around some of the suburban neighborhoods looking at Christmas lights.

After spending the night at Erin's house in Elmhurst, I drove back to Lexington, and Ariana and Paula drove back to Madison.

And now ya know.

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all I wanted for Christmas was there this shot of Ariana was taken 10 years ago Paula and Ariana and Brett at the Navy Pier anchor

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