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checking the hits on my website

Sample of searches

06 Feb 2003

In my logfiles I found some more interesting searches people have used to get to my webpages. It is important to note that there are no naked pictures or lolita pictures anywhere on my website.

"Amy Grant Naked"
"bathroom tile""black""white"
"belly dancers" +jpg
"Edelweiss" AND "German Lyrics"
"mud show"
"personal homepage" nutcracker
"primerica" "virginia" "richmond"
+halloween +soundtrack +mp3 +(the evil is gone)
2003 email addresses of  mechanic offices in america
baby spanish lessons Lexington Kentucky
birthday drums jpg
bugle calls zoot suit
car dealership commercials orlando
christmas car accident
contra dance cnn
dairy queen indigo girls
Don't Kill The Whale mp3
eating turkey leg photos
fold napkins turkey
french bugle
getting your webpage noticed on google
girl washing windows photos
histoire near monster truck
in my bathroom jpg
kari james dance network
Klingon Christmas Song
lap dance 13.jpg
lexington KY hispanic newspaper
list of movies promoting tolerance
log drivers waltz mp3
lolita belly buttons
Louisville dancer strip club
lucky after car accident
mr. bugle lyrics
my sisters false teeth
my wallet fell out of back pocket
naked patty regan
nurse car accident tennessee
ophelie winter thong
outside ihop
personal homepage male ballet
Photo of a family at the Christmas Dinner table
pictures playground swing photo public domain
primerica business news review
Promoting Rap Shows
rachael lampa hot ass
riverdance dining room furniture
roller coaster girl jpg
sandra beach jpg
scary mary homepage
self promoting commercials
Snoop Dogg 12 Inch Figure
solaar eruption
songs remembering the love of a mom
Tango Dancing, Lexington, Ky
tango legs jpg
the consequence of not wearing a seatbelt
theme song from movie seabiscuit
TV commercials and ESL
twas the night ambulance
upside down on car payment
used car lots lexington kentucky
washing windows photos
where can i play games with shakira init
white mom kissing jpg
wife cuddle group photos
Willa Ford Naked
x-ray in car accident

Summary: just killing time by looking for disturbing search requests in my referrer logs