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Brett reading an Atlanta newspaper in July 99

Wall Street Journal

01 Mar 2003

This week I finally got closure on my three-month trial subscription to the Wall Street Journal which started in April 2002. I signed up for it when I got an offer in the mail to redeem some of my USAir miles for magazines. I didn't want any magazines, but I figured I might enjoy reading the WSJ for three months.

After a few weeks of getting the paper every day, I learned that I was really only interested in the weekly section they send on Friday, the Weekend Journal. So I would jump over to subscriber services on and suspend my account from Monday through Thursday every single week. It was a bit of a pain, but it was worth it. My subscription dragged on and on, and I only got the Friday paper, yeah.

When my delayed expiration finally hit, however, I had a problem. They kept delivering the paper anyway, and they delivered it every day. I didn't call to correct this little oversight because I like the Friday paper. And since my account had expired, there was no way for me to log into to suspend it Monday through Thursday as I had been doing.

Three days ago, I got my last WSJ delivery. I didn't know it was my last one until two more days passed without a paper. Now I know they've said goodbye.

Summary: fun while it lasts

BRETT BUGLE - previous entry - photoblog archive - about Brett