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Rafaela whispers to a dog (July 22 2001)

Attack of the dogs

23 Oct 2003

I like dogs and would rather have a dog than a cat. But you know that some dogs can be very annoying, and they bring stress to my carefree life.

There is an evil dog that lives on the street behind mine. It barks a loud, piercing bark at the schoolkids and school buses every morning around 7 a.m.  I can hear it from my bedroom, and lately, it has been waking me up. This morning I heard it at 6:45 a.m.  Oh, hey, I can hear it again right now.

Lexington has a noise ordinance for such a thing, and they mention barking dogs on this Neighborhood Issues page. This morning I called the number listed, and the woman who answered said that the police can't just take my word for it, they have to hear the dog themselves. Oh, Lord! Now the game begins. How can I possibly predict when the dog will bark or predict how long it will take to get a cop to come listen to the dog?

Another suspenseful dog-story happened back in Feb 2000 when my girlfriend's dog attacked my foot. I think that was the last time I cried, actually. It was extremely painful, and crying seemed to be a natural response, but this girlfriend dropped me shortly after the incident: she wanted a real man who has a higher tolerance for pain. Or maybe she was mad at me because her senile dog had to be put to sleep after attacking me.

If only the world could be filled with gentle dogs, like the one pictured above with Rafaela. That photo was taken on July 22, 2001, at Jan Foody's house. Happy times. Happy ending for this rant page.

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