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surprised by my own name

31 Jan 2003

Tonight I was wandering around Joseph-Beth Booksellers, and I spotted a computer book called Mason. Apparently there is a programming skill called Mason which allows you to mix Perl and HTML. Maybe I should be an early adopter and have a memorable connection between my name and my skill. Wasn't there a chef named Weldon Rumproast?

Now here are my answers to the Friday Five survey:

1. As a child, who was your favorite superhero/heroine? Why?
Underdog. My limited memories of childhood are not bringing up any other superhero name, so maybe that was the TV cartoon that had the biggest impact on me.

2. What was one thing you always wanted as a child but never got?
Fame and fortune as an actor.

3. What's the furthest from home you've been?
During a summer 95 trip to France, I took a day trip from Dijon to Amsterdam. Without consulting a globe, I think the answer is Amsterdam. Actually, Amsterdam is the answer to so very many questions.

4. What's one thing you've always wanted to learn but haven't yet?

5. What are your plans for the weekend?
I know of three dances I could go to this weekend, but I may skip them all and focus my attention on letter-writing.

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