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Canon Powershot G3

Upgrading my technology

14 Aug 2003

In the past few days I've been scouring the notebook-computer-review websites to try to figure out what laptop I want. As a computer guy, I think it's about time I got my first notebook computer, and I've narrowed the choice down to an IBM Thinkpad T40 or a Dell Inspiron 5150. Your suggestions and advice are welcomed. I already know that Compaq and HP and Acer machines are out.

The reason I want a laptop so badly is that I just got my dream camera today. (You may remember that I mentioned on 8/10 that I got a Powershot G3, but actually it was purchased online on the 10th and arrived today.) I am overjoyed to be learning all the features and all the requirements and all that. If I had a laptop, then I could take and develop pictures at the same time. I need a screaming laptop with lots of hard drive space for these 4 megapixel shots. My previous camera, a Powershot A5, was pretty wimpy and did not have big needs, being less than a megapixel.

Also, if I had a laptop, I could build websites while I sit in the library. And I could experience all the fuss about wardriving.

Huh, I am having trouble composing thoughts here. . . I'm so distracted by my new camera. Bye now.

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