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Brett in front of the Columbia SC jail (in Nov 2001)

Bad boy Brett

02 Jun 2003

On Saturday night, my cousin's job brought him into town again, so we went out to dinner and had a long chat. As it turns out, Danny now wants someone to be his theological mentor, and he knows that I grew up in the Baptist church, learning Bible verses and whatnot. I told Danny that I could certainly share what I know about scriptures and Protestant life, but I'm not much of a spiritual leader (or mentor). And I told him that I've lost a few girlfriends in recent years because I have dropped off that spiritual path. Then he asked if I'd get back on that path anytime soon. I said, doubtful -- logic and reason have replaced faith, and that suits me better than my previous churchgoing life. Then he said something like "yeah, it's more fun to be the bad boy who has no accountability at all."

So here I am, thinking about accountability again. Every so often I'll ponder the subject and realize that if it weren't for a boss who signs my paycheck or a police officer pointing his radar gun at me, I'd be completely free from accountability. Who is influencing me do the right thing in life anymore? Not my parents, not a church, not a wife, not even feelings of guilt. Hard to believe that I could be considered a "bad boy." I live recklessly. Yikes.

Last night, Bethany took me to a worship service at her church. It was a comfortable place to be, a huge place where a person could wander in and out of a service without being noticed. I liked that the preacher guy mentioned accountability in his sermon because repetition is crucial if I'm ever going to change my evil ways.

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