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model wearing a Gettin Lucky in Kentucky shirt

Gettin Lucky in Kentucky update

13 Oct 2003

Previously I wrote about trying to find a men's version of the shirt shown above, and wow is that becoming a popular page on my site! Google has now indexed that page, and I am getting slammed with hits from people who are searching for this clever School of Rock shirt.

Wouldn't it be great if I knew where to find it? Then I could tell you and all your friends where it is. Unfortunately, it ain't available. [UPDATE on Nov 22: actually, it is available on eBay.] The photos above were swiped from, and I am guessing that they only stock a woman's version because Avril Lavigne made the shirt popular long before Jack Black did. How can Urban Outfitters be so blind to the demand for a men's version right now?  Idiots.

read all your memos

Some stores, like the Cosmic store at Fayette Mall, sell shirts with those words on it, but I really want that exact design, not some stupid shirt that says the same thing but looks nothing like it. The reason that design strikes me is that I have a similar shirt, shown below, with words around a North Carolina outline.

Marion NC is between Nebo and Old Fort

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still want to find the T-shirt that Jack Black wears go back to sleep at the Columbia SC jail (in Nov 2001)

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