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I hate Bluegrass Towing because they first hated me

Expensive mistakes

14 Feb 2003

Over the course of a lifetime, one can be expected to make some expensive mistakes. Here are some that I've made:
  1. Choosing the wrong major in college
  2. Cancelling my collision insurance before flipping my Mazda
  3. Signing up with multi-level marketing businesses like Amway
  4. Parking in the wrong place during lunch today

After unnecessarily spending a completely painful $95.50 to retrieve my car from those f~{xing a~$holes at Bluegrass Towing, I realized that I already throw away money on things like mortgage interest without complaining. So I'm not gonna complain about this sh#+ty towing fee; I'll just say I spent $95.50 to have something new to write about on my blog. Another thought is that I was spending $100 for a Valentine's Day lunch with Danielle. Makes me seem generous and romantic (even though I have no Valentine this year and am not dating Danielle).

Summary: today Bluegrass Towing stole my car while I was at lunch

BRETT BUGLE - previous entry - photoblog archive - about Brett