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Brett and Mom at the beach sitting on the tailgate of her truck

The trip to Florida

12 Jul 2003

I've been home from Florida since Wednesday the 9th, but I haven't bothered to update my website because I was focusing on my hospitalized friend Danielle. She's out of the hospital now, recovering at her mom's house. So here's what you have been waiting for since 6/26.

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

June 27: quit my job; saw Charlie's Angels 2

June 28: mowed my lawn; visited Danielle; went to the Berea Contra dance

June 29: drove to FL all night and day (I left immediately after the dance at 11:15 pm on the 28th), stopping to take naps or see the ocean; arrived alive around five

June 30: spent the whole day at the parents' house, recovering from the drive; they have digital cable with premium movie channels and broadband Internet

July 1: visited Grandma; went to the beach with Mom (as seen in the above photo); while I was at the beach, Dad bought me two tires and an oil change for my Camry

July 2: stayed in all day, websurfing and watching movies, except when Dad took me to the post office on his motorcycle

July 3: went to YMCA with Mom and Cheryl; had a big family dinner at Grandma's

July 4: went to the mall with Cheryl; kinda watched fireworks with Cheryl, but not really

July 5: Cheryl took me to the beach; Dad took all of us out to eat

July 6: Mom took me to church and let me wear shorts; back to YMCA with Mom and Cheryl

July 7: family had lunch together at a diner; Dad gave me one last motorcycle ride to go say goodbye to Grandma; at 11:15 pm, stood in the front yard and watched a distant (Cape Canaveral) rocket launch

July 8: drove to Atlanta; witnessed a wreck when I stopped for gas; went out to eat with my Atlanta friend Mark

July 9: drove to Lexington; spent many hours in the hospital with Danielle

July 10: tried to catch up on Lexington errands; took Tanya to visit Danielle

July 11: saw Terminator 3 and want to recommend it to all my friends

And I took a bunch of photos that I won't be posting here, including ones that show my new mustache and goatee. If you are in my family, Dad has already sent you a CD-ROM with all of the photos on it. Everyone else will just have to come over to my house for a slideshow.

Brett standing on the sky to touch the beach

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