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Brett at the Siberian Tiger exhibit of the Madison Zoo

Summary of my Thanksgiving vacation

03 Dec 2003

Yes, I was gone quite a long time, so you must be quite eager to know what I was doing in Wisconsin. Well, here ya go:

25 Nov:  9 hours on the road, followed by a trip to downtown Madison with Ariana for a Contra dance
26 Nov:  apart from grocery shopping and postcard shopping, we stayed indoors, watching TiVo shows and playing PlayStation 2 games
27 Nov:  typical Thanksgiving -- a feast with friends and lots of TV
Ariana and friends watching TV

28 Nov:  saw where Ariana works and went to a ballroom dance
Ariana examining cells through a microscope

29 Nov:  went to my first open-captioned movie ever, Love Actually, which was the third time I've seen this movie
30 Nov:  Ariana and I took a nice little walk around the Madison Zoo and the West Towne Mall, followed by three games of bowling
Ariana at the entrance of the mall

01 Dec:  ate at the Hubbard Ave Diner in Middleton, then took a tour of the campus of the Univ of Wisconsin which included an ice-cream store in the UW Dairy School
Ariana and Brett at the diner

02 Dec:  bye bye Madison; heavy sigh. 9 more hours on the road.

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