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05 May 2003

As a person who uses photographs in an online journal, I get so frustrated by people who get über-paranoid about having their picture posted on the Web. Try as I might, I cannot convince them how harmless this is.

My first big related episode was when I was first invited to perform in the Nutcracker ballet in 1999, and I was all excited and taking lots of pictures. Sometimes I would make photo albums of the pictures I took and tell the ballet kids where to find these albums on my webspace. BANG! Hellfire raining down upon me from the parents. Stop this man, he's putting my child's picture on the (gasp) Internet. I wasn't even putting the shots on my "Brett Bugle" site! The shots were buried deep in webspace, where no search engine would ever find them. But the parents raised a fuss with the ballet director, and I was told to limit my picture-taking to the adult members of the show. Geeeez.

More recently, I've been forbidden from posting Tanya's picture to my blog. You'll see her mentioned many times in the text portions of my webpages, but you'll never see her picture. Why not? What's the harm? She made me promise not to post her photo because she is afraid of what the sick, twisted Internet world will do to it.

But this is not just a rant; there is some good news.

Shown above is my new friend Bethany. Initially, she was hesitant to have her picture shown here, but she changed her mind, and I thank her. If you know her, you should thank her, too.

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