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I am having a breakdown (July 26 2002)

Good day so far

02 Aug 2003

Yesterday I was thinking about how much being unemployed messes with your mind. For example, I was convincing myself that I am financially able to handle unemployment, but emotionally I'm only able to handle a breakdown. At times yesterday, I pondered the notion that everybody hates me. But then I realized that hardly anyone hates me and the only reason I was feeling hated was that I am so disconnected from the groups I had belonged to as an employed fella.

Today I am not thinking about that harsh emotional stuff at all. I am feeling great because I just had a highly productive work session at the home of my piano tuner. As you see on this entry, he has hired me to change his website, so we started on it this morning. I cleaned up the page that was there and turned it into a simple but effective site. Additionally, I used his personal webspace on to post his photo and a link to his business page. He was really thrilled with the progress and with the potential, so he paid me pretty well. I'll be working with him quite a bit on making his page very thorough and attractive.

This is just the financial and emotional boost I've been looking for. Wow!

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