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Solving a mystery

28 Feb 2003

Even though my web host (Prodigy) does not provide me with any logfiles or statistics for me to analyze, I have figured out how to collect website traffic data using a web beacon that sends info to a database on And now that I have such a database, it has become a bit of an obsession to monitor my visitors and the searches they use to reach my site. If you read through all the entries on this photoblog, you will see many references to this data.

Well, every now and then I discover I am getting a lot of attention from someone who does not identify himself. In geek lingo, a person like that is known as a lurker. I am a curious fellow. This becomes a challenge for me; I think I have a right to find out who is keeping an eye on me.

So today I am proud of myself for figuring out who visits my site from IP address (check your IP address). My message to J.P.: "how's life in Blacksburg VA?"

Sadly, I cannot be 100% sure I am welcoming the right person until that person emails me. But it's fun to pretend that I know.

Summary: curiosity about a frequent visitor to my site

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