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Revealing some whereabouts

19 May 2003

I guess I have no life, according to someone who visited my site today. Perhaps I should shut down this web log, sell my house and car, quit my government job, and wander the beaches of southern France looking for coins. That doesn't seem so bad, but it probably wouldn't be as much fun as continuing my current activities.

Yesterday I wrote that the risk of knowing me is the possibility of having your whereabouts revealed. Well, today I have a perfect example of that to share with you.

When I got home from work today, I checked my email and my website logfiles. Someone from IP address (go see if I'm talking about you) filled the sign-in box on my front page with the words, "I have been casually looking at your site for a couple months now, and I have to know: dude, do you have a life at all?"  I decided to follow up on that comment, so I did a reverse lookup on the IP address and learned that it resolves to a web company here in Lexington. I went to their website and got their phone number and called it, and I took a wild guess that I should ask for A.P. Sure enough, A.P. works there. However, after chatting with this fella for a bit, it became confusingly evident that he does not know who I am and that he does not remember sending a comment through my site. What?

That's all for now. No further news.

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