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A whole new world to freak me out

18 Mar 2003

For the past five days I have not been able to connect to my ISP, and today I finally figured out the problem. For a long time I had been connecting to Prodigy through a regular number (252-7921), but suddenly, without warning, that number would not give anything but a busy signal. I dialed into the Web through a BGCB account in order to find a new access number for Prodigy, but the number I was given (559-4774) would not connect either. So I grumbled and moaned and kicked my computer for several days, hoping Prodigy would bring back the old number.

But then I tried dialing the new number from work and could not get past the 559 part without a busy signal. That tells me that the government phone system does not recognize 559 as a Lexington prefix. So I made sure, on the Web, that 559 is a local prefix, and I called my phone service, AT&T Broadband (Digital Phone). I told them that I was not able to connect to a 559 prefix from my home phone line, and I think they should update their network to accept it.

Now here's the part that freaks me out: they told me I had to dial 859 in front of the number. Never before have I been required to dial 10 digits for a local call. I know this must be a common thing in big cities like Atlanta or Los Angeles, but here in Lexington it is a mighty foreign concept. And I cannot accept that a 10-digit number will pass through the local system without long-distance charges.

But the customer-service person at AT&T was right; now that I am dialing 859-559-4774 (note that I do not have to dial a 1 first), I can connect to Prodigy again.

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Lexington suddenly expects a 10-digit local phone number (for the first time ever)

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