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Friday five on Feb 21

21 Feb 2003

1. What is your most prized material possession?
in high school, I would have said "my Guam jacket," but now I reckon it's my Fille de D'Artagnan movie poster, the one I got when I went to France for three months in 1995

2. What item, that you currently own, have you had the longest?
I have an elephant-shaped souvenir, pictured above, that I think I got from my grandparents when I was quite young. It is probably not the answer to this question, but it's sitting right here in front of me, so it'll do for now.

3. Are you a packrat?
most certainly; I will always let the things I own own me

4. Do you prefer a spic-and-span clean house? Or is some clutter necessary to avoid the appearance of a museum?
clutter is my friend

5. Do the rooms in your house have a theme? Or is it a mixture of knick-knacks here and there?
the theme of my house is "construction zone" -- it needs a lot of work before any woman will want to move in

Summary: weekly installment of questions from the Friday Five website

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