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Mary lifting Brett in Nov 99

How I celebrated my sister's birthday

04 Jun 2003

Since my sister is pursuing an acting career in Los Angeles, I did not get a chance to see her or eat birthday cake with her. So instead, I spent time with some other women I know.

Valerie and I had dinner at the Gatti Town pizza buffet. This is Valerie's final week as my housemate; she's moving out soon. It's been fun having her and her cats around, but I know I'll get more sleep once the eternally-hungry cats depart and stop waking me up at 6:30. Plus I'm a little freaked out by the accumulation of vehicles in front of my house (Valerie has 2 and her boyfriend has 2).

Later in the evening I went to visit Danielle. She and I watched the Miss Universe pageant on Telemundo and made bets on who we thought would make the top 5. Once the top 5 was chosen, we both knew that Miss Dominican Republic would win, and sure enough, she did.

All in all, a splendid birthday celebration. Now I have two weeks to figure out what exciting things I want to do to celebrate my birthday on June 17, hint hint. And I have two weeks to buy a bigger mailbox which can handle all the birthday mail you're going to send me.

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keeping in mind that my birthday is in 2 weeks me and my sister in Nov 98 me at my Lexcall desk

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