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This-or-That Tuesday on June 24

24 Jun 2003

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1. Surf sites at random, or have a set list of regular reads?
I have a set list of regular reads, but they branch out randomly from there. You find a lot of good, random links on Blogdex.

2. Do you visit mostly blogs, or news or other sites?
No change on this answer since this survey in February 14: there is only one blog I visit regularly (DancerDani), so I visit mostly other sites.

3. Do you go online every day, or just a couple of days a week?
Every day.

4. Do you allow comments on your blog, or not?
Perhaps I should switch over to a webserver that runs Movable Type or PHP so I could allow comments. Currently I am severely restricted by the Prodigy webserver to post read-only files, nothing interactive.

5. Do you shop online at all, or at regular stores?
Both. I've bought stuff from and Never used eBay, can you believe it?

6. Have you ever done online bill-paying/banking, or not?
I pay my Discover bill online, and I am most impressed with the service.

7. Which news site do you prefer... or Or do you prefer some other one?
Yahoo News and Google News

8. Live chat rooms, or message boards?
Neither. The only online conversations for me are email conversations.

9. Instant messaging or e-mail?
Email, definitely.

10. Yes or no: have you ever met, or at least talked on the phone with, another blogger? If not, would you want to? Why or why not?
The only bloggers I've ever seen (or talked to) are the ones that knew me before they started blogging. I've never read a stranger's blog (like this one) and then met that blogger.

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