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Bobi choosing a sushi roll

Do not skip any Berea dances

29 Jul 2003

I've been wanting to discuss last Saturday night's Berea dance for a while, but I've been really preoccupied with restoring my crashed computer. Now that it is (almost) back to normal, I can post a decent blog entry again.

Ever since I went to Florida a month ago, I've been growing facial hair and wondering if I should shave it off. The positive response to my mustache and goatee has been overwhelming; everyone loves it and wants me to keep it. Regardless, I've been thinking of going clean-cut again, since the facial hair can be kinda scratchy and unwelcome at times.

Last Saturday night, I went to a Contra dance in Berea, and Charley Harvey gave me the most definitive "keep it" yet: he says that my current look is the best look he's ever seen on me, and I should not change it because the goatee makes me look older. Without it, I am "boyish." Huh!

So that's one of two wonderful things that happened at the Berea dance. The other thing is that I met an attractive young woman named Bobi, whose hand is pictured above. Since she works in Lexington, I took her to Miyako Japanese Steakhouse for lunch today. We had a splendid visit, and I look forward to having lunch with her again soon.

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