Here are some personal shots (taken with my ancient Canon Powershot A5) of the grand opening of Wild Oats in Lexington, Kentucky, on August 6, 2003. When you are finished browsing here, visit the Brett Bugle


FEB 2003: Wild Oats under construction (from my ice storm archives)

AUG 2003:

WKYT interviewing a woman at the Wild Oats opening

the Wild Oats Café sign says buen provecho

Danielle at the Wild Oats sushi bar

you can get booty at Wild Oats for 85 cents

the Wild Oats Café sign says bon appetit

Danielle reaching for juice

Danielle shopping for organic produce at Wild Oats

Brett was just given a free loaf of bread at Wild Oats

SEP 2003:

a drive-by shot of the Wild Oats store at Lexington Green