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2006-01-30         category: LIFE

~ got my passport stamped in the Bahamas ~ When I left for France in the summer of 1995, I knew I was breaking away from everything in order to reflect and refocus. While I was driving home from the Mason mansion in Florida yesterday, I realized that my trip to the Bahamas last week was very similar to my earlier trip to France. Being out of the country allowed me to forget about programming tasks and relationship problems, so, during the really long walks I took down the beach (to collect shells), I was able to reflect on my life and make sense of it all. As an added bonus, I found a lot of nifty shells, and I got a tan.

I know you want to see all the photos and know all the details, but I'm not quite settled back into U.S. life yet, so I'll post the vacation adventures later. Just know that the trip was good and went according to plan. You shoulda been there.

2006-01-18         category: TRAVEL

~ aahhh ~
I am unreachable right now. If you're desperate for some Brett time, you could always try my email or my Dad's house. But odds are, in the next 12 days, you're on your own! Maybe Google can help you!

2006-01-16         category: NONE

~ buy a ticket to your stupid movie ~ Just been killing time before my trip. Haven't posted because I haven't done much besides watching movies like Broken Flowers, Junebug, La Fille de D'Artagnan, and King Kong. Do you know the only movie I've ever seen that mentions Cheerwine soda? Junebug.

Will have a whole lot more to talk about after my trip, I suppose, when I don't feel so cold and alone.

2006-01-11         category: LIFE

~ Bellamy on the TV ~ More ups and downs in the world of Brett.

Downs include having a flat tire today on the way to work and, in the process of removing the flat, breaking one of the five bolts on my wheel. Now I'm running on a spare that's held on by 80 percent of its usual bolt count.

Ups include seeing ma belle amie Bellamy on CSI Miami two nights ago. Yesterday I created screen captures from that episode and posted them on a page I've built specifically for displaying such things. I don't need to make another link to it here because Google already knows about it.

2006-01-10         category: LIFE

~ like to give you a little something ~ Today is Danny's birthday, and I didn't get him anything. Been too busy trying to figure out who bought me a gift subscription to the Lexington Herald-Leader newspaper. The deliveries have not had any kind of Christmas gift announcement attached to them. I called the paper to ask about the subscription, but they don't have a record of who bought it, believe it or not. I called several friends, and they all deny buying me anything.

Are you out there, mystery gifter? Come forward soon, or else Bethany tells me that she is going to take the credit for the gift you gave me.

2006-01-09         category: FAMILY

~ what are you doing on the PC ~ Last night Dad left me a voice-mail message informing me that my sister Emelle is on IMDB now. Ain't that something?

We've waited for years for this to happen, and now that it's finally happened, we are having smile spasms. We want to write screenplays and make movies and cast her as the heroine.

2006-01-06         category: WEBSURF

~ how can I help ya ~ I've skipped work for the past three days because it was stressing me out. I still generated an income, however, by helping Salina Ramsay with changes to her website. Now let's all sing the "Billable Hours Take Me To The Bahamas" song.

2006-01-05         category: CITY

~ want a trip to Paris ~ Just noticed that the new schedule for the French Film Series has been posted on the UK Department of French website. Jeorg Sauer, you rock!
Jan 18: the 400 Blows; Feb 1: Band of Outsiders; Feb 8: Le Cercle Rouge; Mar 1: Rififi; Apr 5: Touchez pas au Grisbi; Apr 26: Pretty Devils

2006-01-04         category: MONEY

~ here is your mail you big dummy ~ Nobody told me that the price of a stamp is going up to thirty-nine cents in four days. This is pretty discouraging, considering how much snail mail I send out in a year.

But then again, I can definitely afford a two-cent increase on each letter. I'm planning to spend big bucks on world travel this year, starting with a trip to the Bahamas with my Bahama mama (i.e. Mom) at the end of this month. This will include a layover in Miami. And then in February, we're going to Edisto Beach, SC, again. After that, maybe California. After that, Italy? Hope so.

Can't tell you how great it is to finally have a job that floods me with travel funds and flexible schedules.

Oh, on a completely unrelated subject, happy birthday to Brindi Joy and Louis Braille.

2006-01-02         category: KENTUCKY

~ it is January 2nd ~ Mowed my back yard today, wearing a T-shirt and shorts. It hit 66 degrees in central Kentucky. Life is good.

Some of you are thinking, "why the heck does he need to mow his lawn in the middle of winter?" To which I reply, I've been putting it off since October; today was the perfect day to do it. Also, it was good for me to run the mower and use up all the unused gas in the mower tank.

2006-01-00         category: NONE

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