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2005-04-28         category: NONE

~none ~ because I mentioned dark chocolate M&M's on 3/31, I just got my very first visitor from Google's Froogle engine; what a trip!

2005-04-27         category: NONE

~none ~ Stephen Chow is my new role model, now that I've seen the latest movie that he wrote, directed and starred in: Kung Fu Hustle

2005-04-25         category: NONE

~none ~ the Lawrenceburg project seems to be complete, so now I wait for the expansion of that project into other offices and the inevitable software-reprogramming requests for making that expansion go smoothly

2005-04-23         category: NONE

~none ~ tidied up the house enough to finally have company this year. I cooked dinner for someone, hmmm, before driving that someone to a super-loud Latin party at the Racquet Club

2005-04-22         category: NONE

~none ~ played piano in the open band for the Contra dance tonight and was pleasantly surprised to see a former ballroom-dance friend named Polly

2005-04-21         category: NONE

~none ~ today, I have been a homeowner for exactly half a decade; sadly, I've never had a housewarming party (see 2004-09-21 entry on this page)

2005-04-18         category: NONE

~none ~ some words to live by: "don't hate the player, hate the game." (I saw that on a T-shirt at Target)

2005-04-15         category: NONE

~none ~ no news -- apart from my continued efforts at my dream job in Anderson County -- so checking here might be fruitless for a while

2005-04-13         category: NONE

~none ~ happy birthday to Penny

2005-04-12         category: NONE

~none ~ congratulations to my niece Rachel for getting accepted into nursing school

2005-04-10         category: NONE

~none ~ played racquetball (in Richmond KY, with Ana and her daughter) for the first time in a long time

2005-04-07         category: NONE

~none ~ got my first check from the Lawrenceburg people today, so I treated myself to a therapeutic massage at the Lexington Healing Arts Academy. It's important to work out all that shoulder knotting that comes from programming so much!

2005-04-03         category: NONE

~none ~ still working working working on that Lawrenceburg project, earning myself lots o'vacation money

2005-04-00         category: NONE

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