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2005-01-30         category: NONE

~none ~ a warning for ya! When your Jumpdrive stops working, like mine did, and the light doesn't come on and Windows XP doesn't acknowledge it at all, there's nothing you can do about it except buy another JumpDrive. Dang it

2005-01-28         category: NONE

~none ~ Danielle B came to Lexington (all the way from Austin TX) to visit her KY friends

2005-01-27         category: NONE

~none ~ Channel 27 WKYT came to dance class tonight and shot some footage of Ariana and me

2005-01-25         category: NONE

~none ~ hosted another lively Squeaky Reels rehearsal at my house

2005-01-24         category: NONE

~none ~ as of today, Mocha Monkey no longer has their Monday special, and that makes me soooooo mad

2005-01-23         category: NONE

~none ~ had lunch with the MAYOR OF LEXINGTON, Teresa Isaac. Actually, it was crazy how this happened: I went to Good Foods Co-op by myself, to get some sushi, and I ended up hanging out with a woman I know named Linda. Then 5 of her friends joined us, and we were a party of 7. Then the mayor showed up, on her own, and decided to sit with us because she's close friends with one of Linda's friends. For the next 2.5 hours after that, our party of 8 was socializing and discussing everything, very casually and friendly, wow. Teresa Isaac sat right across the table from me, and at one point, she was commending me for buying Ale-8-One soda because the Ale-8-One company is working to get a commuter train line built between Lexington and Louisville

2005-01-22         category: NONE

~none ~ ignoring the snowstorm and the bad roads, Ariana and I went to Berea together to attend two "Swing Shift" dances

2005-01-20         category: NONE

~none ~ Ariana recruited me to be her dance partner for a 6-week course that teaches dances from the Roaring 20's. Tonight we learned some foxtrot and Charleston

2005-01-19         category: NONE

~none ~ Ariana and I started solving a jigsaw puzzle that my parents gave her for Christmas. I haven't done a jigsaw puzzle in about a decade

2005-01-18         category: NONE

~none ~ my first workday of the year; oh how I wish it could be my last

2005-01-15         category: NONE

~none ~ Ariana and I did some work on my ugly dining room, using a rented steamer to remove a stubborn border from the wall. And then we saw Un Long Dimanche de Fiançailles at the Kentucky Theater

2005-01-14         category: NONE

~none ~ Danielle took me to a board-game party and a dance at Harold's studio

2005-01-12         category: NONE

~none ~ pretty warm weather here in KY; I wore shorts again today (see 01/04)

2005-01-11         category: NONE

~none ~ hosted a Squeaky Reels rehearsal at my house

2005-01-10         category: NONE

~none ~ happy birthday to my cousin Danny

2005-01-09         category: NONE

~none ~ if you are looking for Ariana's adventures in 2005, you should visit the RiriGlitter page

2005-01-08         category: NONE

~none ~ has shut down. Time for my next big business plan, involving gambling on horses at Keeneland

2005-01-07         category: NONE

~none ~ I am absolutely certain that I had a strong "natural gas smell" (mercaptan) in the den, but Columbia Gas came out and investigated, and there was no leak or problem, huh!

2005-01-05         category: NONE

~none ~ updated the 3D and French pages on my website

2005-01-04         category: NONE

~none ~ pretty warm weather here in KY; I wore shorts yesterday and today

2004-01-07         category: NONE

~bye dear - have a nice day ~ In 2003, I had lots of free time: in the first half of the year, I worked part-time for the government, and in the second half of the year, I was unemployed. All that extra leisure time meant that I could publish a photoblog and learn all about photography and Google rankings and search traffic and logfiles.

So now I'm done. I'm satisfied with what I've built and what I've learned. I don't feel like doing it anymore, and my workload in 2004 is poised to chop my available time by two-thirds.

Also, for those of you who were on my monthly snail mail list, I'm not doing that anymore either.

What now? I'll keep you posted on email. And if you start having withdrawals, just go back through the archives and reread some earlier pages.

2003-12-20         category: NONE

~my coworkers watching a UK basketball game ~ Today was a fun day. It started with a little get-together at Harold's dance studio, where my only three coworkers (Harold, Robert and Tyler, pictured above) and I ate pizza and watched a basketball game. UK was one point away from doubling Indiana's score, dang.

After that I went shopping for Ariana's Christmas present. First I went to some small shops around campus, but then I got brave and decided to hit Lexington's big shopping mall, Fayette Mall. What a happenin' place!! You have to wait two or three cycles to get through each stoplight in the area because there are so many cars trying to get to the mall.

If you live in Lexington, and you are in the market for earrings (as I am), I need to let you know: Lazarus at Fayette Mall has several thousand earrings to look at. Holy shick, it's overwhelming.

2003-12-13         category: NONE

~Cheryl and the oranges in Florida ~ One of the best things about having a personal website like this one (a blog, which my dad mispronounces as "bee-log") is that my friends and family can always check it to see exactly what birthday gifts and Christmas gifts I want. It's clear that my sister Cheryl consulted this wish list earlier this year because yesterday the mailman delivered to me a Lexington 2004 Entertainment Book from Cheryl. Woo-hoo!

If you are Cheryl, then I thank you for sending me my first Christmas present of 2004!

If you are not Cheryl, then I would like to direct you to a list of gift ideas. I'm leaving the Entertainment Book on the list because I could definitely get my money's worth from two or even three copies of this book.

2003-12-09         category: NONE

~Quicken graph of my recent cash flow ~ Previously I wrote about the horror of seeing a negative cash flow in the Quicken financial recordkeeping software. Today I am posting an updated, actual graph of my income versus expenses. Not much has changed since September. Same horror! Colder climate!

Thank goodness I have my old job back, one that can support a better life than the one I've been leading for the last eighteen months. Maybe I can buy you a Christmas present next month.

0000-00-00         category: NONE

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