My Very First Attempt at 3D Photography

My house, my planter full of weeds, and my car

In early May 2004, I was surfing the Web and discovered 3-dimensional photographs that you can view without special glasses. The way this works is identical to those Magic Eye graphics; you just have to cross your eyes so that the two images merge together to show a third, 3-D image. You will see three inline images, so stare at the middle one until it has depth and is completely in focus. Once you have the middle image in focus, bring your hands near your cheeks to block the left and right images, until only one 3D image remains.

Rather than give you an example from another website, I used my Canon Powershot G3 camera to make the two images shown above (one shot for the left image and another for the right image). Then I joined the two images together in the Microsoft Paint accessory program in Windows. It's so easy! I wonder why I never did this before?

As I get better at this, you can be sure that I will post my best 3D photos here on my website.

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