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2005-05-11:  I have changed the format of this website. GO TO MY NEW HOMEPAGE.
2005-05-07:  happy birthday to Grandma!
2005-05-07:  played piano (while Cary Ravitz played fiddle and Steve Bennett played drums) for "Family Fun Day" at the Living Arts and Science Center downtown
2005-05-04:  wish I had something life-changing I could do today at 05:05 (on 05/05/05)... guess I'll start planning for 06:06 on 06/06/06 instead.   see also: my entry on 03/03/03
2005-05-04:  that project expansion I mentioned on 4/25 is happening, taking me to Somerset for two days
2005-05-02:  gave blood, then chatted about blood at band practice
2005-05-01:  verily, verily, doth she spill the truth (and just so you know, got me to that article)

2005-04-28:  because I mentioned dark chocolate M&M's on 3/31, I just got my very first visitor from Google's Froogle engine; what a trip!
2005-04-27:  Stephen Chow is my new role model, now that I've seen the latest movie that he wrote, directed and starred in: Kung Fu Hustle
2005-04-25:  the Lawrenceburg project seems to be complete, so now I wait for the expansion of that project into other offices and the inevitable software-reprogramming requests for making that expansion go smoothly
2005-04-23:  tidied up the house enough to finally have company this year. I cooked dinner for someone, hmmm, before driving that someone to a super-loud Latin party at the Racquet Club
2005-04-22:  played piano in the open band for the Contra dance tonight and was pleasantly surprised to see a former ballroom-dance friend named Polly
2005-04-21:  today, I have been a homeowner for exactly half a decade; sadly, I've never had a housewarming party (see 2004-09-21 entry below)
2005-04-18:  some words to live by: "don't hate the player, hate the game." (I saw that on a T-shirt at Target)
2005-04-15:  no news -- apart from my continued efforts at my dream job in Anderson County -- so checking here might be fruitless for a while
2005-04-13:  happy birthday to Penny
2005-04-12:  congratulations to my niece Rachel for getting accepted into nursing school
2005-04-10:  played racquetball (in Richmond KY, with Ana and her daughter) for the first time in a long time
2005-04-07:  got my first check from the Lawrenceburg people today, so I treated myself to a therapeutic massage at the Lexington Healing Arts Academy. It's important to work out all that shoulder knotting that comes from programming so much!
2005-04-03:  still working working working on that Lawrenceburg project, earning myself lots o'vacation money

2005-03-31:  coming soon to a wishlist near you: dark chocolate M&M's
2005-03-29:  my Lawrenceburg boss drove me to Newport today to get project approval from the higher-ups (which we easily got)
2005-03-28:  happy birthday to my niece Rachel
2005-03-27:  got introduced to Quest Community Church, by Rochelle, who also gave me a chocolate Easter bunny, by Godiva
2005-03-26:  introduced Ana to Contra dancing, in Berea
2005-03-26:  am feeling much better today after a horrible health day yesterday; my Mom gets full credit for diagnosing me over the phone and giving me treatment advice
2005-03-24:  attended a La Banda concert at Natasha's Café with Ana and her friends
2005-03-22:  saw Un Air de Famille with Rochelle and Ariana
2005-03-22:  just as I was getting going on my new programming project, the screen on my hand-me-down Gateway laptop suddenly went very dark, barely visible, barely legible; some research shows me that it's a dead inverter board, geez. What perfect timing! Guess I now have a good excuse to buy myself a speedy new IBM Thinkpad
2005-03-21:  starting a new programming job in Lawrenceburg, which is good because I have a big tax bill to pay
2005-03-18:  saw Mar Adentro with Danielle and Enrique
2005-03-17:  gas is now $0.819 per gallon in Lexington (photo credit: Brett Mason, 1998)
2005-03-15:  my sister should be in the next new episode of Crossing Jordan, as a corpse
2005-03-13:  this crappy weather is killing my normal, upbeat mood
2005-03-11:  enjoyed the second half of the Philharmonic concert after I had just enjoyed both halves of the brand-new movie Robots
2005-03-09:  helped Marianne get her brand new Fayette Education Foundation domain and website established
2005-03-09:  just solved a strange little problem on my home PC which involved the "TIB Dialer" spyware program -- AdAware caught it and removed it, but then my modem couldn't connect to Prodigy anymore (throwing up error 633, "port is already in use"), so I pulled TIB out of quarantine, and now everything is working fine. Here's the strange part -- AdAware doesn't see TIB anymore, even though I have pulled it out of quarantine
2005-03-07:  I know you think my website is ugly, but I am proud of it because it is easy-to-read in limited browsers like cell phones, PDAs/PocketPCs, text-only browsers like Lynx, and speech browsers for the blind
2005-03-06:  Rochelle has been out of the country for a few years, but she's back now, and we can spread smiles around Lexington again
2005-03-05:  attended a fantastic fiesta party with Danielle and Enrique for which I stayed up past 4 a.m. for the first time in a long time
2005-03-04:  attended a fantastic free dance at Arthur Murray which included a Balboa lesson and a professional Balboa demo
2005-03-04:  you probably missed Joseph-Beth's "20% off everything" sale today, but I didn't
2005-03-03:  Danielle and I saw Wizard of Oz tonight; pretty neat ballet presentation

2005-02-27:  not very long ago, I was living a pretty hyper life, but now, my time just feels wasted, like I'm living the life of a surfer dude (minus the ocean and the surfing), a life where every day feels like Saturday, and when each day ends, there's nothing to show for it
2005-02-26:  wanted to hambo with Heather at the Berea dance, but the caller cancelled the hambo that the band had promised to play, dang
2005-02-25:  back in Lexington now; played piano at a local dance
2005-02-20:  gonna be in South Carolina for a few days
2005-02-19:  happy birthday to my sister Cheryl
2005-02-18:  played piano at a dance in Berea
2005-02-16:  gave blood today and earned my "4th Gallon Donated" award
2005-02-14:  good day to eat sweet-potato fries and watch Uncle Buck
2005-02-12:  here is a self-portrait which shows what I look like today
2005-02-11:  played piano at the Contra dance with Squeaky Reels again
2005-02-06:  wow, today I discovered from my logfiles that I am in the top 20 results of a Google search for "Brett"
2005-02-05:  engagements abound this month -- first, for my friend Danielle, now for my cousin Danny
2005-02-04:  won a little money at Keeneland today
2005-02-02 = Groundhog Day.   my all-time favorite movie
2005-02-01:  finally got an OfficeMax rebate check that I've waited 10 full months to get. You just can't trust those rebate offers, hate em all

2005-01-30:  a warning for ya! When your Jumpdrive stops working, like mine did, and the light doesn't come on and Windows XP doesn't acknowledge it at all, there's nothing you can do about it except buy another JumpDrive. Dang it
2005-01-28:  Danielle B came to Lexington (all the way from Austin TX) to visit her KY friends
2005-01-27:  Channel 27 WKYT came to dance class tonight and shot some footage of Ariana and me
2005-01-25:  hosted another lively Squeaky Reels rehearsal at my house
2005-01-24:  as of today, Mocha Monkey no longer has their Monday special, and that makes me soooooo mad
2005-01-23:  had lunch with the MAYOR OF LEXINGTON, Teresa Isaac. Actually, it was crazy how this happened: I went to Good Foods Co-op by myself, to get some sushi, and I ended up hanging out with a woman I know named Linda. Then 5 of her friends joined us, and we were a party of 7. Then the mayor showed up, on her own, and decided to sit with us because she's close friends with one of Linda's friends. For the next 2.5 hours after that, our party of 8 was socializing and discussing everything, very casually and friendly, wow. Teresa Isaac sat right across the table from me, and at one point, she was commending me for buying Ale-8-One soda because the Ale-8-One company is working to get a commuter train line built between Lexington and Louisville
2005-01-22:  ignoring the snowstorm and the bad roads, Ariana and I went to Berea together to attend two "Swing Shift" dances
2005-01-20:  Ariana recruited me to be her dance partner for a 6-week course that teaches dances from the Roaring 20's. Tonight we learned some foxtrot and Charleston
2005-01-19:  Ariana and I started solving a jigsaw puzzle that my parents gave her for Christmas. I haven't done a jigsaw puzzle in about a decade
2005-01-18:  my first workday of the year; oh how I wish it could be my last
2005-01-15:  Ariana and I did some work on my ugly dining room, using a rented steamer to remove a stubborn border from the wall. And then we saw Un Long Dimanche de Fiançailles at the Kentucky Theater
2005-01-14:  Danielle took me to a board-game party and a dance at Harold's studio
2005-01-12:  pretty warm weather here in KY; I wore shorts again today (see 01/04)
2005-01-11:  hosted a Squeaky Reels rehearsal at my house
2005-01-10:  happy birthday to my cousin Danny
2005-01-09:  if you are looking for Ariana's adventures in 2005, you should visit the RiriGlitter page
2005-01-08: has shut down. Time for my next big business plan, involving gambling on horses at Keeneland
2005-01-07:  I am absolutely certain that I had a strong "natural gas smell" (mercaptan) in the den, but Columbia Gas came out and investigated, and there was no leak or problem, huh!
2005-01-05:  updated the 3D and French pages on my website
2005-01-04:  pretty warm weather here in KY; I wore shorts yesterday and today


2004-12-23 to 2004-12-29:  took Ariana to Florida: we walked along Daytona Beach; we saw manatees at Blue Spring State Park; we played golf with my dad and uncles  /  see the photos and videos
2004-12-22:  Ariana and I gave blood this afternoon
2004-12-20:  playing piano in a new ensemble of musicians which includes David Atcher and Richard King
2004-12-19:  took Bethany to see the Nutcracker ballet
2004-12-16:  here is a self-portrait from the KSBA holiday party which shows what I look like today
2004-12-15:  here is a self-portrait from the Lexcall holiday party which shows what I look like today:
Brett Mason at Lexcall
2004-12-11:  took lots of pictures at Danielle's big holiday party, but I'm not gonna share them
2004-12-09:  all you Cheerwine fans should read this email I received
2004-12-06 to 2004-12-10:  what a crazy-busy week of work I'm having
2004-12-04:  gave Ariana the freshest possible Christmas tree, a small pine tree that was growing in my back yard. We chopped it down and took it straight to her living room.
2004-12-04:  attended a BGCB holiday luncheon, and they gave me a "certificate of appreciation" for being their webmaster, awww
2004-12-03:  kicking myself for not renewing my passport before it expired in October
2004-12-01:  after a death-defying afternoon of trimming some dogwood tree branches from the access point of my roof, I spent the evening in a more sedate manner, watching a French movie at UK with Ariana
2004-12-01:  wonder if you and I can help fight spammers

2004-11-30:  major announcement: for the first time ever, with Ariana as my witness, I bought Cheerwine soda in a grocery store in Kentucky. I've been searching for eight days for any grocery store that carries it, and the winner was the Winn Dixie on South Broadway. See also: my April 2003 note about Cheerwine
2004-11-28:  one of the best feelings in the world is when a woman switches from not speaking to you to being playful with you, especially when she's been distancing herself from you for a long time
2004-11-26:  don't know why, but I love going to the mall on the day after Thanksgiving, walking around, watching people shop, and not buying a cotton-pickin thing
2004-11-25:  spending Thanksgiving with my coworker Robert and his family instead of driving all the way down to Florida to visit with my own family
2004-11-22:  after following up on something I noticed in my logfiles, I learned that Cheerwine soda is now being distributed in Lexington. This is pretty exciting news for a North Carolina boy like me. Thank you, mystery searcher, for pointing my attention at this little piece of info!
2004-11-20:  took pictures of autumn trees at Keeneland and will share one with you right now
2004-11-19:  played piano for an open band Contra dance in Berea, for the first time
2004-11-18:  Ariana discovered (before I did, huh) that Google's Gmail service now has POP3 access! Hallelujah! Feel free to send me mail at this address now -- jbmason blah gmail blah com
2004-11-18:  as a favor to Bethany, I'm posting this link to her Mannatech page, but the way it immediately redirects is going to prevent the search engines from indexing it or sending traffic to it. Bummer!
2004-11-17:  here is another commercial I love, available online: "When I Grow Up"
2004-11-16:  how did I not know about this sooner? screening room has my favorite commercial (GMC "Ideas") available for download
2004-11-14:  go read this fascinating article about weight loss
2004-11-13:  placed 3 bets on horseraces at Keeneland today (simulcast races, not live racing) and cashed all 3 bets. I always do much better at Keeneland than I do at Robert's poker games
2004-11-10:  getting some training in C# programming (and Visual Studio .NET) from Robert at KSBA
2004-11-06:  attended a swing dance with Bethany at the UK Student Center
2004-11-06:  The Incredibles is the best movie ever!
2004-11-05:  had never been to Champs before, so tonight I checked it out with Ariana, Dustin, and Vicki
2004-11-02:  watched election coverage with my 2 favorite Democrats
2004-11-01:  sneaked into a first-run feature film with Ariana and saw the new Honda Hybrid Accord V6 commercial for the first time

2004-10-31:  took lots of pix and mini-movies of Ariana in her zombie Thriller dance routine on Main Street downtown
2004-10-27:  saw another French film at UK with Ariana
2004-10-25:  I've recently learned that Lexington has the nickname Lex Vegas, but I don't know how that would ever apply to us. The most appropriate label for this town is "The Horse Capital of the World"
2004-10-22:  happy birthday to Kari, who is overseas right now, continuing her college education in southern France
2004-10-19:  do you like the Kentucky Theatre in downtown Lexington? I kinda hate it
2004-10-16:  played piano for the Contra dance in Louisville
2004-10-16:  helped Tanya pack her moving truck (she left Lexington today)
2004-10-15:  when one of my good friends read the testimonials on my Friendster profile today, she told me that they seem to suggest I am "a nice jack-ass"
2004-10-14:  things are gettin' lively over at
2004-10-09:  saw a very funny movie -- Team America: World Police
2004-10-08:  DT invited AC and JB to a party to watch the second presidential debate; I took pictures but will not show them to you
2004-10-07:  AC and I have signed up for a free month at Beaumont YMCA
2004-10-05:  AC had DT and JB over to watch the VP on TV
2004-10-03:  I have tried coconut shrimp all over town, including what's served at Atomic Café, Joe's Crab Shack, and Outback Steakhouse, but no one can beat Red Lobster on coconut shrimp. Now ya know.
2004-10-02:  while I am on the subject of recommendations, I want to encourage everyone to download and use Mozilla Firefox instead of Internet Explorer
Get Firefox!

2004-10-01:  people say I am getting pretty good at search engine placement and SEO (search engine optimization), and I thought I should give a shout-out to Yahoo Search today because I am really impressed how quickly their spidering is working. Google takes about a month to get a site indexed or re-indexed, but Yahoo Search appears to be taking less than a week. Great!

2004-09-29:  Ariana and I saw a French 1946 version of Beauty and the Beast at the French film series
2004-09-29:  happy birthday to Danielle B
2004-09-28:  added more photos to my sister's website
2004-09-27:  Ariana and I saw Like Water for Chocolate at the Kentucky Theater
2004-09-26:  Ariana and I played tennis at Addison Park
2004-09-25:  Ariana and I attended Fiesta Latina on Main Street, where we danced a little, and then we came back to Waller Avenue, where I taught her how to throw a boomerang
2004-09-25:  happy birthday to Danielle T
2004-09-22:  Ariana and I went to CKBC to give blood, but I did not have high enough hemoglobin levels, dang. So I watched Ariana give blood
2004-09-21:  bowling at The Stadium (on Reynolds Road) with Ariana and Dustin and Vicki
2004-09-21:  am feeling very pessimistic about relationships, considering some of the struggles I go through as a bachelor and the struggles which my divorced sisters and my divorced friends and my separated parents have gone through
2004-09-21:  I have decided that Miss Right is not Miss Right until she starts "nesting" in my house. A lot of the girlfriends I've had have said things like "you have a good house for dinner parties (or dance parties or whatever)" but never bother to help me turn the place into a place suitable for dinner parties (or dance parties or whatever). I'm no good at any of that kind of thing, and that is quite obvious if you just look around the place. I need help.
2004-09-20:  not working this week; oh how great the lazy life is
2004-09-17:  played piano in the open band for the Contra dance tonight and was pleasantly surprised when Danielle and Tanya appeared unexpectedly to say hi
2004-09-17:  helped Randy Stark of "From Stark to Finish" with his new website
2004-09-15:  Mocha Monkey Café, Mocha Monkey Junkie -- Ariana and I get smoothies there -- I'll bet that posting these keywords will bring more traffic to my site
2004-09-12:  Ariana and I went to the Apple Festival at Evans Orchard in Georgetown, but we had a hell of a time figuring out where Evans Orchard is
2004-09-12:  happy birthday to Rochelle
2004-09-11:  there is a Roots and Heritage Festival going on downtown, and I was very surprised to see that you can buy pirated DVDs and CDs from several of the vendors
2004-09-11:  happy birthday to Kristi
2004-09-10:  not much to report in the past few days -- my days are spent at KSBA now, working, and my evenings are spent at Ariana's place, keeping her company. She and I don't hang out at my place much because I do not have cable TV or TiVo.
2004-09-07:  tonight I was suddenly and unexpectedly given the incredible opportunity to be the (French-speaking) computer guy for the owners of Le Toulouse
2004-09-05:  happy birthday to Heather
2004-09-04:  Ariana and I went to Natural Bridge, and I took another 3D photo of her there
2004-09-01:  the French film series starts tonight

2004-08-31:  returned to KSBA for a longer computer gig
2004-08-28:  wandered around the Greek Festival with Ariana
2004-08-26:  this morning, Ariana suggested that we elope, which makes sense to me because people already tell us that we act like a married couple
2004-08-20:  Ariana and I are going to be in Indiana for a dance weekend, so don't expect any updates until next week
2004-08-15:  went to King's Island amusement park with Ariana and her coworkers Dustin and Vicki (on free tickets which Dustin scored at a car dealership)
2004-08-10:  finished the website conversion project at KSBA in Frankfort, a week after starting it
2004-08-08:  toured Shaker Village with Ariana
2004-08-07:  went to the Farmers' Market with Ariana
2004-08-06:  attended Ballet Under the Stars with Ariana
2004-08-04:  Valerie Meyers came to town to visit with me and Ariana
2004-08-03:  am doing a website conversion project at KSBA in Frankfort this week

2004-07-31:  local Contra dance with Ariana
2004-07-30:  karaoke with Ariana, at the UK College of Medicine, during her lunch break
2004-07-29:  attended the free Thursday Night Live concert in downtown Lexington with Ariana
2004-07-28:  have you ever seen Gone With the Wind? Well, both Ariana and I had never seen it, until we watched it tonight. Many thanks go to the Lexington Library for letting me check out old movies for 7 days.
2004-07-27:  I have started offering free computer help to the people in my neighborhood and have met three of my neighbors (so far) as a direct result
2004-07-26:  my former boss HFC is mistreating me again, not giving me a paycheck that he's owed me for 2 months
2004-07-25:  Ariana and I saw two movies at Woodhill Cinema: Anchorman and Bourne Supremacy
2004-07-24:  visited McConnell Springs with Ariana
2004-07-23:  karaoke with Ariana, at Todd's Karaoke Bar on Lane Allen Road
2004-07-21:  happy birthday, Ariana!
2004-07-20:  sent snail mail to most of the people on my snail-mail list. (If you want to get on that list, you should mail me a nice letter, and include a 3D photo of yourself)
2004-07-18:  been quiet for a while because my computer suffered a major operating system crash involving some mystery file called WIN32K.SYS. I could not boot the computer until I did a full repair of Windows XP followed by a full reinstall of Windows XP SP1
2004-07-17:  today is my fake birthday -- write me if you want to know what that means -- so I got a free meal at Back Yard Burgers
2004-07-15:  took Ariana to the Sacre Bleu concert, part of the Thursday Night Live series in downtown Lexington, and we danced on the sidewalk
2004-07-13:  last night at The Dame there was a free Toby Lightman concert, and you know how much I like getting something for nothing, so I went, and Toby entertained me
2004-07-10:  I'm going to be in North Carolina today for a wedding, so don't expect any updates
2004-07-05:  I'm going to be in Wisconsin with Ariana from now through the 8th, so don't expect any updates
2004-07-03:  played piano at a Contra dance, probably the first Saturday night dance I've ever played for. When I play piano, all I do is pound chords, which makes me a chorder pounder
2004-07-01:  my girlfriend Ariana is in Lexington. Now that the phone and cable services are active at her apartment, I think it's official: she is a Lexington citizen.

2004-06-28:  a wasp tagged me on my nose this morning, and I have spent the last seven hours plotting my revenge
2004-06-26:  saw Harry Potter III last night and liked it better than the previous Harry Potter movies. The current one has a time-loop in it which is similar to Back to the Future II, woo-hoo! Hang on, lady, we goin' for a paradox!
2004-06-25:  my former boss HFC is mistreating me again, not giving me a paycheck that he's owed me for a month
2004-06-24:  below (on 5/28) I wrote that Google Image Search had finally found my picture. Well, if you test it again today, it does not find my picture. What up, G? Y'all smokin' dope?
2004-06-23:  I love little coincidences like this: earlier today, I sent a quick email to my cousin Danny to get in touch because I hadn't heard from him in so long; then, tonight, he called to say hi, and we chatted, and he told me he had not had a chance to read his emails today!
2004-06-22:  if you are able to see Magic-Eye 3D stuff, you absolutely must go see this file right now
2004-06-19:  attended two really uplifting events today: the BGCB annual picnic, and Swingin' on Main
2004-06-18:  Tammy, Cary, Richard, and Michael came to my house to practice playing Contra dance music, but we're not a band. Oh, and Tammy brought me a birthday cake; thanks, Tammy!
2004-06-17:  on my birthday, I like to make time to review what I did on all my previous birthdays
2004-06-16:  got two early birthday presents today, a delicious cheesecake from Ariana and a Gmail account from Andrea
2004-06-15:  two more shopping days until my Gemini twin, Shannon of the Squeaky Reels, has a birthday...
2004-06-14:  I'm not an astrology guy, but I'm now fascinated by the whole zodiac compatibility predictions between a Gemini man and a Cancer woman
2004-06-11:  just got back from visiting my girlfriend in Wisconsin (from June 6 - June 11). Glad no one robbed my house.
2004-06-05:  Ariana was in Lexington (to start bringing stuff to her new apartment), so together we attended the first community picnic held by the Gardenside Park Neighborhood Association
2004-06-02:  went to Morton Middle School to help the Dance Trance decorating committee and take a buncha pitchers
2004-06-01:  haven't posted any news lately because my life is now empty and boring. June and July look to be pretty exciting, though, because Ariana is moving to Lexington.

2004-05-28:  the wait is finally over. When you query the Google Image Search for Brett Mason, you finally get a picture of me. Sure took 'em long enough to find my picture, considering I kept a friggin photoblog for a year!
2004-05-26:  I wonder who keeps visiting my site from Ashland Oil in Lexington? Is it a Contra dancer?
2004-05-25:  back at Cottrell Consulting for a few days, not for programming, just training my replacement
2004-05-22:  visited Ariana's new workplace, watched the movers bring boxes into the lab, and took a buncha pitchers
2004-05-18:  started a new hobby: 3D photography
2004-05-17:  there are at least four houses for sale on my street, including the houses immediately to the left and right of my house.
2004-05-15:  not much going on in Lexington right now. Saw the movie TROY last night.
2004-05-13:  got a rejection letter from The Lexington School while I was on vacation
2004-05-13:  just got back from visiting my family in Florida (from May 5 - May 12). Glad no one robbed my house.

Shout-outs:   My former classmate Amy Young was on five episodes of Scrubs recently (as "Doctor Miller"), including the season finale. Then on May 11, I saw her as a guest star on Navy NCIS. Congratulations, Bellamy Young!

About This Website:  I'm reformatting and restarting this website. If you have some suggestions on what you'd like to see here, send me an email.
About Lexington:  The local police used to let you have a barking dog handled as a noise ordinance violation, but they're changing their policy to force you to confront the dog yourself.
2004-04-09:  The Squeaky Reels played at the local Contra dance, with me on piano.
2004-04-08:  I finally scanned and uploaded new pix for my sister's website.
2004-04-05:  my funemployment has begun, supported by the $13.86 check I got from the compact disc lawsuit!!  Since I have no income right now, I'm hoping you send me lots of items from this wishlist for my birthday, which is June 17.


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But you can use this linked page to send me email from your browser (instead of opening Eudora or Outlook).  Or, put "LexJB98" on your Buddy List for America Online / AOL's Instant Messenger.  For Yahoo Messenger, my login is "jbmason".  Not that I ever use these chat programs anymore.

By far, the most effective way to contact me is through email.  I check my email at least four times a day, which is pretty normal for someone who works in computer programming. When you write me, tell me the meaning of life.  I need to know as soon as possible.




In 1994, I used to mail a "Brett Bugle" newsletter every two weeks to my friends and family. In 1995, I gave up because I needed to examine my life and start all over with a new worldview. In 1996, I decided to build this website to resume sharing information about my life with my friends and family. Over the course of seven years the site has moved a few times and grown quite large. Give yourself an hour to read all about the self-promoting, extroverted Brett Mason.


I'm not doing a photoblog anymore, but it's still online, along with the photoblog archive, if you want to see it. Sample photos: Brett Mason, Ariana Christine, Ariana + Brett



Here is the schedule for the French Film Series at the University of Kentucky. All films are at 7 p.m. in the W.T.Young Library auditorium. Huge debts of gratitude go to Jeorg Ellen Sauer of the Division of French at UK.

2004.09.01   He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not
2004.09.15   The Triplets of Belleville
2004.09.29   Beauty and the Beast
2004.10.13   La Cage Aux Folles
2004.10.27   With A Friend Like Harry
2004.11.10   Diabolique
2004.12.01   La Bûche
2004.12.08   L'Auberge Espagnole
2005.01.25   Le Million
2005.02.08   Dîner de Cons
2005.03.01   Amélie
2005.03.22   Un Air de Famille
2005.04.05   Les Compéres
2005.04.19   My Wife is an Actress




If you ever wonder what to get me for Christmas, I am always pleased to get things from my list of favorites or from my DVD wish list. Or perhaps you could choose from the following:

roundtrip flight from LEX to LAX
2005 Toyota Prius or similar hybrid
Honda scooter
a personalized domain name like
fully loaded IBM ThinkPad X40 (or T40)
internal or external DVD burner
external hard drive, 1 terabyte
DVR like Tivo
SanDisk "Wi-Fi + 256MB SD" (Secure Digital) card, for my PocketPC
car stereo that plays MP3 files
tripod for my Powershot G3 digital camera
big CompactFlash card for my camera, size 256 or 512 or 1024
professional prints of my favorite digital photos
songbook: "The Fiddler's Fake Book"
Dulce de Leche M&Ms, not available in Lexington KY
Lexington Dining Club book (restaurant coupons)
Entertainment Book (restaurant coupons)
Chick-Fil-A 2005 calendar (restaurant coupons)
Porch swing, for back deck
Scrubs season 3 on DVD
Dégas print: "Danseuses en blue"
Dégas print: "L'école de danse"
Co Q 10
Gift certificates to Home Depot or Target or
Prepaid phone cards
Black pants, 30W 30L
Super Nintendo game: "Mario Kart"
Perkins Brailler
Dining room suite, cherry
Window seat for big window in living room
Patio furniture
All other furniture

Professional Services to Help the Lazy Homeowner:
Proper attic insulating
Renovation of staircase
Resurfacing of driveway
Construction of carport or garage
HVAC inspection
Fireplace/Chimney inspection
Electrical work (circuit breaker, ungrounded plugs)
Repair of malfunctioning icemaker



SEARCH-TRAP IN FRENCH (thanks to Google Translation)

Ha! Vous avez été sucés dans mon espace de homepage/website/enchaînement! J'emploie maintenant cette section de mon emplacement pour tromper des moteurs de recherche. Je vais amorcer des milliers de personnes pour visiter ici parce qu'ils pensent que j'ai des réponses à leurs questions. Elles arrivent déjà recherchant "devenant chanceuses des chemises et" Boogie dans KY "lyrique dans votre bout" (Eddie Murphy) et "Stephanie Birkitt". Je vais découvrir combien d'expressions je puis mettre dans cet espace pour duper les masses et pour les faire vouloir me tuer. Chanson de Noël de Klingon! Leçons libres de bugle! Chuchotement valse "MP3 d'un Thrill.mp3 et" de notation de conducteurs! CD de bande sonore d'avions, de trains et d'automobiles! étiquettes et cordes de guitare! Wardriving autour de Lexington!
Il y a une chance de 95% que vous êtes venus à mon blog en recherchant le t-shirt vert "au Kentucky de gettin 'chanceux" (ou peut-être vous mistyped le comme "devenu chanceux au Kentucky"), la chemise de pièce en t portée par Jack Black à l'école de la roche . Vous devriez immédiatement aller à ou sauter à mon Gettin chanceux en page de chemises du Kentucky; très bien, quoi que.
Si vous voulez rechercher les casiers judiciaires, les noms de détenu, et les photos au LFUCG emprisonnent le website , bien, ils ont bloqué cette fonction parce que vous la maltraitiez. La recherche publique a été prise vers le bas, mais je devine si vous avez une ouverture d'application de loi, vous puis peigner toujours les disques d'arrestation de mes voisins de Lexington, y compris henry Earl, d'un invité fréquent à l'hôtel de Community Corrections.
Vous savez ce qui? J'ai été aux avénerons Café/WildOats, planète thaïe, ville de Gatti/Gattitown, Miyako, Bologna de Joe, Bella Notte, magasin de l'alimentation de la marque, et Poussin-Fil-Un/ChickFilA. Et Dulce de leche M&Ms sont outre du marché, même sur leurs anciens marchés d'essai. Brian Regan fait le comédie au sujet des tartes de bruit. "je ne puis pas faire ce tout sur mes propres, je ne suis aucun Superman," selon le lyrique de fléau de Lazlo de la chanson de thème de frotte . Je DéTESTE des prix du gaz bon marché de Bluegrass Towing Company et de plus bas prix du gaz à Lexington


For search engines: Kentucky KY 40504 USA, free French films, Univ KY; not Llexington, Lexingotn, Lexingtoon, Lexngton, Exington, Elxington or Lexingtn