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2005-02-27         category: NONE

~none ~ not very long ago, I was living a pretty hyper life, but now, my time just feels wasted, like I'm living the life of a surfer dude (minus the ocean and the surfing), a life where every day feels like Saturday, and when each day ends, there's nothing to show for it

2005-02-26         category: NONE

~none ~ wanted to hambo with Heather at the Berea dance, but the caller cancelled the hambo that the band had promised to play, dang

2005-02-25         category: NONE

~none ~ back in Lexington now; played piano at a local dance

2005-02-20         category: NONE

~none ~ gonna be in South Carolina for a few days

2005-02-19         category: NONE

~none ~ happy birthday to my sister Cheryl

2005-02-18         category: NONE

~none ~ played piano at a dance in Berea

2005-02-16         category: NONE

~none ~ gave blood today and earned my "4th Gallon Donated" award

2005-02-14         category: NONE

~none ~ good day to eat sweet-potato fries and watch Uncle Buck

2005-02-12         category: NONE

~none ~ here is a self-portrait which shows what I look like today

2005-02-11         category: NONE

~none ~ played piano at the Contra dance with Squeaky Reels again

2005-02-06         category: NONE

~none ~ wow, today I discovered from my logfiles that I am in the top 20 results of a Google search for "Brett"

2005-02-05         category: NONE

~none ~ engagements abound this month -- first, for my friend Danielle, now for my cousin Danny

2005-02-04         category: NONE

~none ~ won a little money at Keeneland today

2005-02-02         category: NONE

~none ~ finally got an OfficeMax rebate check that I've waited 10 full months to get. You just can't trust those rebate offers, hate em all

2005-02-00         category: NONE

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