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2005-03-31         category: NONE

~none ~ coming soon to a wishlist near you: dark chocolate M&M's

2005-03-29         category: NONE

~none ~ my Lawrenceburg boss drove me to Newport today to get project approval from the higher-ups (which we easily got)

2005-03-28         category: NONE

~none ~ happy birthday to my niece Rachel

2005-03-27         category: NONE

~none ~ got introduced to Quest Community Church, by Rochelle, who also gave me a chocolate Easter bunny, by Godiva

2005-03-26         category: NONE

~none ~ introduced Ana to Contra dancing, in Berea

2005-03-26         category: NONE

~none ~ am feeling much better today after a horrible health day yesterday; my Mom gets full credit for diagnosing me over the phone and giving me treatment advice

2005-03-24         category: NONE

~none ~ attended a La Banda concert at Natasha's Café with Ana and her friends

2005-03-22         category: NONE

~none ~ saw Un Air de Famille with Rochelle and Ariana

2005-03-22         category: NONE

~none ~ just as I was getting going on my new programming project, the screen on my hand-me-down Gateway laptop suddenly went very dark, barely visible, barely legible; some research shows me that it's a dead inverter board, geez. What perfect timing! Guess I now have a good excuse to buy myself a speedy new IBM Thinkpad

2005-03-21         category: NONE

~none ~ starting a new programming job in Lawrenceburg, which is good because I have a big tax bill to pay

2005-03-18         category: NONE

~none ~ saw Mar Adentro with Danielle and Enrique

2005-03-17         category: NONE

~none ~ gas is now $0.819 per gallon in Lexington (photo credit: Brett Mason, 1998)

2005-03-15         category: NONE

~none ~ my sister should be in the next new episode of Crossing Jordan, as a corpse

2005-03-13         category: NONE

~none ~ this crappy weather is killing my normal, upbeat mood

2005-03-11         category: NONE

~none ~ enjoyed the second half of the Philharmonic concert after I had just enjoyed both halves of the brand-new movie Robots

2005-03-09         category: NONE

~none ~ helped Marianne get her brand new Fayette Education Foundation domain and website established

2005-03-09         category: NONE

~none ~ just solved a strange little problem on my home PC which involved the "TIB Dialer" spyware program -- AdAware caught it and removed it, but then my modem couldn't connect to Prodigy anymore (throwing up error 633, "port is already in use"), so I pulled TIB out of quarantine, and now everything is working fine. Here's the strange part -- AdAware doesn't see TIB anymore, even though I have pulled it out of quarantine

2005-03-06         category: NONE

~none ~ Rochelle has been out of the country for a few years, but she's back now, and we can spread smiles around Lexington again

2005-03-05         category: NONE

~none ~ attended a fantastic fiesta party with Danielle and Enrique for which I stayed up past 4 a.m. for the first time in a long time

2005-03-04         category: NONE

~none ~ attended a fantastic free dance at Arthur Murray which included a Balboa lesson and a professional Balboa demo

2005-03-04         category: NONE

~none ~ you probably missed Joseph-Beth's "20% off everything" sale today, but I didn't

2005-03-03         category: NONE

~none ~ Danielle and I saw Wizard of Oz tonight; pretty neat ballet presentation

2005-03-00         category: NONE

~none ~ make your way into my archives: February 2005 or January 2005.


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