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2005-07-31         category: SOCIAL

~ want to get in better shape ~ Regarding the previous post about my ruined esophagus, I think I should clarify that I am not actually losing weight yet. Since the problem just started on July 26, I am still figuring out what life is gonna be like with a ruined esophagus. I assume that if I have to eat smoothies and applesauce all the time (instead of Whoppers and Chick-Fil-A sandwiches), then I'm bound to lose a lot of weight as mentioned below. Hasn't happened yet!

With this big change of food choices in effect, now would be a great time for me to change my exercise program, too, the program that currently involves no exercise beyond walking to my car. I should really get into shape and become the kind of studly guy that compels girls to either (1) swoon when I walk by or (2) make the first move.

Last night at Natasha's Café I felt like a major catch when I was able to dance with 9 or 10 different women over the course of the Big Maracas concert. Wow, that only happens to me at USABDA events, never at restaurants. Imagine what kind of attention I could gather if I built up my biceps, triceps, pecs, and abs.

Time to join a gym.

2005-07-29         category: FOOD

~ rumbling stomach ~ Want to shed a few pounds? Try the amazing new diet:
Brett's R.Y.E. Plan
Eat a lot of fried foods mere moments before you go to bed.
Wake up in the middle of the night to experience the exhilarating process of stomach acid Ruining Your Esophagus.
Realize that while swallowing food still doesn't hurt, it does hurt now when food slides down your food chute.
Resolve to eat nothing but smoothies and applesauce for a few weeks.
Watch your ribcage reappear through your formerly flabby torso. See your highest weight ever, 160 pounds, drop down to your top college weight, 135 pounds.

2005-07-27         category: NONE

~ big bummer ~ It seems that the contact form ("Two Kinds of People") that I created on my Geocities account, the one that I've been using for almost a decade, is no longer getting messages to me. It probably stopped working a month ago, and I didn't even realize it. My sister had mentioned it before, and today Danielle mentioned it. Geocities must have broken it with their stupid Javascripts, so don't use it anymore. If you've used it recently, please write me a regular email to let me know what you had tried to tell me on that contact form in the past month.


2005-07-24         category: WEBSURF

~ feel free ~ Every Sunday, including today, I like to see what's new at PostSecret. Go check it out! And while you're getting your kicks reading other people's confessions, visit GroupHug, another entertaining site.

Perhaps I should warn you that neither of these two sites is completely safe for work browsing.

2005-07-22         category: WORK

~ time to do it ~ Another milestone in my KAP project: my boss and I installed computers in the Nicholasville office today so that I could install my custom software there. My boss bought everyone lunch at the new "John Michael's" restaurant that was created by country singer John Michael Montgomery.

2005-07-21         category: LIFE

~ he went to the beach ~ Today is Ariana's birthday.
Yesterday I came back to KY from GA.
The day before that I went from FL to GA and visited Tara.
The day before that I went to Daytona Beach with Mom and Dad.
The day before that I went out with my oldest sister; we saw Wedding Crashers.
The day before that I took pictures of the cat at the FL welcome center.
And on Friday the 15th, Joy took me to a Contra dance in Atlanta.
So now you are all caught up on everything.
Write me if you want to know more.

2005-07-16         category: BRETT

Brett holding cat at FL welcome center

2005-07-15         category: FAMILY

~ go we will ~ I know in advance that my computer work is not gonna be requiring any input from me for about a week, so I'm heading down to Florida now. That's where my family lives, and that's where the cat needs to be.

Don't you be calling me! I'm not home! As I just told you, I'm either on the road to Florida or in Florida!

The next blog entry will be on the 22nd, I think, unless I flip my car and make my way to the big Florida in the sky...

2005-07-14         category: SOCIAL

~ what day is today ~ Today is a French holiday, Bastille Day. To celebrate, I am going to have lunch with Danielle, and then I'll have a late lunch with Marianne, and then I'll go to the Thursday Night Live concert at Cheapside Park and ask Alison to dance with me, and then I'll go see a ballroom-dance documentary at the Kentucky Theater.

I didn't post a blog entry yesterday because I was working in Lawrenceburg. (And the day before that, as you know, I was working in Somerset.)

2005-07-11         category: WORK

~ can afford to do this ~ I have the day off today (as usual), but tomorrow I'll be doing some database updates in the Somerset office. My original plan for the week was to drive the cat down to Florida, but I reckon I'll stick around and make myself some world-travel money / lunch-date money / home-improvement money.

2005-07-09         category: FAMILY

~ unhealthy ~ Pay no attention to the previous entry about searching for a bad relationship. I realize that I am already in a bad relationship with the cat that Mom left behind when she visited me a month ago. So there it is. Problem solved.

I'm ready for a good relationship, one that involves lots of world travel. Gotta renew my passport soon...

2005-07-06         category: LIFE

~ how long to keep doing nothing with life ~ Was watching a French movie yesterday and took an interest in one scene in which the main guy tells his wife, "I just want some peace and quiet." By the end of the film, his wife has left him, and he has way too much peace and quiet.

On Chris Rock's latest album Never Scared, Chris says, "choices you've got in life: you can be married and bored or single and lonely; ain't no happiness nowhere!" And he says "all good relationships are boring; the only exciting relationships are BAD ones."

So I feel like getting in a bad relationship now, for excitement, for some relief from all this peace and quiet. When I observe most of the people I know, I can see that this is a very popular option.

(Speaking of quiet, I recently realized that the incredibly-annoying, always-barking dog on Gettysburg Road does not bark anymore! What a thrill to lose that big bit of noise pollution. Once again, I'll say this is one excellent summer.)

2005-07-02         category: LIFE

~ whoa sexy lady ~ Whoa mama, this is one excellent summer. First off, there hasn't been much rain, which means that the grass isn't growing, which means I don't have to mow the lawn! Fantastic! Second, I have made all the money that I need to make this year, so if my current job ended tomorrow, I'd still be set for 2005. Third, yesterday I was invited to spend the day with the Arnold family on their sailboat at Cave Run Lake, so of course, I did. Can't wait to see what kind of summer bliss lands in my lap next. Sure hope it's a French-speaking, blue-eyed brunette who smiles a lot.

2005-07-00         category: NONE

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