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Brett Mason's Brett Bugle   
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A perfect overview of Brett's life.
With pictures and videos.

A good overview of Heather's life.
Pictures now, videos later.

A lousy overview of Rachel's life.
With pictures but no videos.

Brett Mason's Brett Bugle
Documenting much of my life and a little of yours.
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Brett Bahamas - Recent Photo - Most Popular Pages - Contact
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Best of Lex 2005
lists were published in Ace Weekly magazine on Sept. 15, 2005 ... writers have no clue how much monster traffic is getting redirected from their site to my site. Idiots!
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June 2006 Updates on Brett Mason's Life
walking down the street, rocking my beat, clapping my hands and stomping my feet. I saw a little lady so neat and petite; she was so sweet. Yes, I wanted to meet her
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My Yahoo for JBMason
IHOP rules! I think if an IHOP really did move to Lexington my life would be complete.
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Photobucket: LexBrett
Ohmygosh! Your comments on my photos are freaking hilarious. I keep getting text messages that I have new comments.
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PostSecret archive
A collection of 1300 PostSecret image files. Type in the little 3-character code and click START DOWNLOAD to get your own copy.
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Let's Dance Lex
You are an easygoing woman who smiles all the time and rarely gets depressed. You are playful and affectionate. You enjoy mainstream food and mainstream entertainment.
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