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Recurring dream for you to analyze: I park my car. I do some stuff. I return to the parking lot. My car is gone.

Every few weeks, I have that dream / nightmare. Today was my lucky day to have it again. Woo-hoo!

Pop on over to my first Googlepages entry to see the Memorial Day cookout I attended and photographed. It was a happy day, but then again, it was a sad day, since I was forced to say goodbye to the orange boomerang I've had since college. It can now be found at its new address, way, way up in a tall tree in Shillito Park.

Dad called to get me to write about his adventures in sleepfighting. That's right, sleepfighting. It's just like sleepwalking, except you are fighting. Who are you fighting? Nobody. But when you wake up the next morning, you shouldn't be surprised if your room is a wreck and your face has patches of dried blood.

My new friend — let's call her "Ash" — attended her very first Contra dance tonight, a local dance for which I played piano.

BIG DAY TODAY. Met someone. Had a picnic lunch with her. Gave her some dance lessons. Saw her collection of elephant figurines. Got interrogated by her mom.

I don't think I've mentioned yet that I have decided to pay a guy to mow my lawn this year, instead of doing it myself. Yep, it's true. I mention it today because he mowed my lawn today. I am so grateful that (1) I can afford this luxury, and (2) I live in the kind of neighborhood where people come to your door to offer to mow your lawn when they see your tall grass.

Rob, recently mentioned on 5/16, wanted me to go out drinking with him tonight, since he knew I'd drink sodas and be a decent chauffeur. Man, what an eye-opening experience that was. Did you know that I only go out with female friends, never a male friend? Imagine how trippy it is to realize how much I'm conditioned by going out with women. First, I unlocked the passenger side for Rob before unlocking my driver's side, and of course he raised a fuss ("what are you doing?"). Then a little later I was opening a restaurant door for him, and he raised another fuss. It would take a good bit of time to reprogram myself out of these habits. Hoooo-lordy. What a trip.

Penny recruited me to demonstrate (and sorta teach) tango at a marketing event at her office. I was really hesitant about it before I went, but it all turned out fine, and I'm glad I went. While I was there, Penny's coworker informed me of a job opening at that is very tempting (because my other job's workload is getting very, very light these days).

Voted in a primary election today, using an official data-driven-computer-screen voting booth for the first time ever. It has a big screen and several push buttons and a SELECT wheel which rotates to highlight the choices on the screen.

Then, tonight, I hung out with my former coworker Robert and his gang. They focused on drinking heavily, while I focused on entertaining the crowds with my mad karaoke skillz.

Spent many hours in Louisville tonight, first as a photographer for my friend Kristi's graduation ceremony, then as a crazy maniac dancer at my friend Kristi's graduation party. Took many photos and posted an online album for Kristi to enjoy, but I will tease you by not linking to it here. Ha!

Bowled 111 in my first game EVER using a 16-lb ball. I feel good about reaching the heavyweight category of bowling balls, but I have a long way to go on that lousy 111 score.

Today, I went to work for the first time this month, and it was pretty brief. Dang, there will not be nearly as many billable hours this month, which means there will not be nearly as many trips to the beach this summer.

Even though it's Grandma's birthday, I left Florida for Kentucky, stopping in Asheville, North Carolina, to visit with the kind, sweet, charming Rebecca Brown.

Spent six hours (3 to 9 p.m.) with Cheryl and Brian, including seeing Mission Impossible 3 at a 22-plex in Oveido, having dinner at an Italian place, then back to the Oveido mall to play cosmic mini-golf (a darkened, indoor attraction that uses blacklights to make your putter and golf ball glow).

Look at all this family time! Two days ago, I played golf with Dad, Uncle Dan, and Grandma, and then I spent the evening hanging out with Cheryl. Yesterday, Mom and Dad treated me to apple blintzes at IHOP. Today, Mom and Cheryl took me to the beach.

Boy howdy, do I love IHOP and the beach. As for golfing, I could take it or leave it.

an attractive cashier in Publix, named Danielle, gives further proof to my theory that ALL DANIELLES ARE ATTRACTIVE

This is a test of a new entry format I plan to use, one which will not have cartoon clip art beside it. Sorry, folks, no more cartoons or clip art. I don't have very much server space left on Prodigy. I reckon I should get my own domain name soon, which typically comes with ginormous amounts of web space.

In other news, I can't believe I've been writing websites for 10 years, but I've never used the <DL> tag until now. <DL> and <DT> and <DD>, welcome aboard.

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