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Ha! You have been sucked into my homepage / website / web space! Gonna bait thousands of people to visit here because they think I have answers to their questions. They already arrive looking for "Getting Lucky in KY" tshirts, "Boogie in your butt" lyrics (Eddie Murphy) and "Stephanie Birkitt". I am going to find out how many phrases I can put in this space to fool the masses and make them want to kill me. Download a PostSecret archive! Hear the Klingon Christmas song! Get free bugle lessons! Le Toulouse. Whisper of a Thrill.mp3 and "Log drivers waltz" MP3! Planes, Trains and Automobiles soundtrack CD! Guitar tabs and chords! Wardriving around Lexington! Find yourself some dancers at Lexington strip clubs. Cosmic is a store at Fayette Mall; Carmike is a dollar theater (showing movies) on Man-O-War Blvd.
There is a 95% chance that you came to my blog by searching for the green "gettin' lucky in Kentucky" t-shirt (or maybe you mistyped it as "Got lucky in Kentucky"), the tee shirt worn by Jack Black in School of Rock. You should immediately go to or jump to my Gettin lucky in Kentucky shirts page; fine, whatever.
If you want to search the criminal records, inmate names, and mugshots at the LFUCG jail website, well, they've blocked that function because you were abusing it. The public search has been taken down, but I guess if you have a law enforcement login, you can still comb the arrest records of my Lexington neighbors, including Henry Earl, a frequent guest at the Hotel de Community Corrections.
You know what? I've been to Wild Oats Café / WildOats Market, Planet Thai, Gatti Town / Gattitown, Miyako, Joe Bologna's, Portabella's, Bella Notte, Mark's Feed Store, and Chick-Fil-A / ChickFilA. We do not have Cheesecake Factory or Nordstrom here. And Dulce de leche M&Ms are off the market, even in their former test markets. Brian Regan does comedy about Pop Tarts. Lexington Green has no websites or coupons. "I can't do this all on my own, I'm no Superman," according to the Lazlo Bane lyrics from the theme song from Scrubs. I HATE Bluegrass Towing Company   Cheap gas prices and lowest gas prices in Lexington Houses for sale LEX: ask someone else. Karaoke: love it.


Here are 3 other search traps that I wrote: lexington ~ louisville ~ cincinnati




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