Brett Bugle

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211 on computerized scoreboard at Eastland Lanes

a guy and a cane and a dog

a rainbow landed right across the street from my house

a shot of my mother taken yesterday

an Alexander that I know

Ariana and Brett at Raven Run (Sept 23 2003)

Ariana at Raven Run near the Kentucky River

Ariana hiding from me (on Sept 20)

baby Brett playing the piano (in March 1971)

baby Isabella is my new advertising rep

ballet dancers Roberto and Norbe at a smoking grill (in July 2001)

bartending ID I got in 1995

behind the scenes with John Hughes, Kevin Bacon, and Elizabeth McGovern


Bethany and Brett dancing at Swingin on Main

Bethany shopping for cookie dough

big problems with my sidewalk

Bobi choosing a sushi roll

Brett and Bethany at Addison Park

Brett and Dad love the sunset

Brett and Elena watching a backyard concert

Brett and Mom at the beach sitting on the tailgate of her truck

Brett and Rachel laugh when they discuss the Simpsons

Brett and Rafaela

Brett and Valerie dancing on the street 6 29 2002

Brett appears to grab the Edisto Beach water tower (in Feb 2002)

Brett at his desk at Lexcall

Brett at the Emergency Operations Center

Brett at the Louisville Science Center

Brett at the Toyota Camry factory in Georgetown

Brett Bugle logo submitted by Dad

Brett dancing with Bethany in front of a shoe store

Brett doing yardwork at his house

Brett in deep thought about programming (in July 2000)

Brett in front of the Columbia SC jail (in Nov 2001)

Brett learning computer skills from a library book

Brett reading an Atlanta newspaper in July 99

Brett Rochelle Rachel Mom at a restaurant July 2002

Brett waits for Rochelle to finish donating blood

Brett watches Danny surf the web on his laptop (in March 2002)

Canon Powershot G3

Catherine Simmons entertains us with fire

cattails near the Harrodsburg Rd entrance of Circle 4

Cheryl and Dad celebrate the new calendar year

Cheryl and Rachel after the graduation ceremony

Cheryl on the golf course

closeup of Bostitch stapler

cookout with outdoor pool table on July 6 2002

Dad and a grill and a flamingo

Danielle and Brett in the juniors department

Danielle at Subway

Danielle came to Singletary Center to see Brett perform

Danielle in the automated car wash at Shell

Danielle is in the background of this produce section pic

Danielle posing with the 103rd dalmatian

Danielle shot me at the firearms training facility

Danielle took this picture of me at Hunan

Danielle using my PC

daughter and father who appears to be a mother

dinner at Red Lobster with my family (maybe 1992)

display problem with cropped characters

distorted self portrait taken 3 years ago in the jail computer room

dripping faucet

ducks in the pond at Lexington Green

Edisto Beach gives my father sinus problems

elephant toy

Elise Batsel and me, over a decade ago

Emily at Fiesta Latina a few nights ago

Eve and Shannon playing Contra dance music

French stop sign in Montreal

glass bottle on the recycle bin

Goodyear blimp in flight over Lexington

Heather and Kelly in front of the jellyfish tank

Heather shot me at the Cheesecake Factory in Columbus Ohio (in July 2001)

help me identify the three leaf bunches

I am having a breakdown (July 26 2002)

I am reflected in her sunglasses

I got a Christmas present in March from a stranger

I hate Bluegrass Towing because they first hated me

I have 2 sisters and no brothers

I look so small in front of this giant Rubiks Cube

ice storm 2003

in my neighborhood, gasoline is now $1.679 per gallon

Intelligence Artificielle movie poster

Isabella climbs the ladder to the slide

Isabella playing in a Sony TV box

Jon Weece making his entrance

Kay and the blue socks

KBT rehearsal of La Fille Mal Gardee

Kelly and Brett dancing on 7 19 2002

Kelly and the big water tower shadow (in Feb 2002)

KWJ repairing my piano

lazy in a hammock in July 2002

Louisville and Lexington signs on I 264

Mark cannot stop thinking about Lazlo Bane

Mary and Dad and me at the ocean (in Feb 2002)

Mary lifting Brett in Nov 99

me and my sister in Nov 98

model wearing a Gettin Lucky in Kentucky shirt

Mom getting her blood pressure checked

Mom walking out of the hospital in Feb 2003

movie theater in France (Feb 1999)

multiple faucets on a display wall at Home Depot

my bare face in Nov 98

my former boss Harold on the phone (in July 2000)

my recliner when it sat in my old apartment on Larkin Rd

my self portrait in a shiny faucet

one of the buildings in downtown Lexington

outdoor concert given by Shannon and her husband and another guy

Patty and Brett at the bowling alley

Patty and Elizabeth

Patty cannot believe I have so many restaurant coupons

Patty demonstrates the baby fishmouth

Patty knows how many survey questions there are

Patty on her cell phone

Patty painting a bus on March 28 1999

Patty smelling the flowers of spring

piano repair guy arrives at the Mason mansion

pouring my first dulce de leche M-Ms into my hand

Quicken graph of my recent cash flow

Rachel and Mom at an outdoor concert

Rachel and you and me and Veronica and a church (Aug 92)

Rachel skydiving

Ricky Schroder was the star of Silver Spoons

Robert and Brad and Cookie and Marianne

Rochelle at a party

Rochelle at a pay phone in Switzerland in June 2002

Rochelle giving blood in Feb 2003

Rochelle using my PC in June 2002

Rube Goldberg would love this Honda promo

Ryan mowing my lawn (back in May of 2001)

Sam and the blue lights

self-portrait at a picnic table

Shannon and Eve and me and Cary

snow on the Mason mansion

so young and so topless

the four members of the Squeaky Reels

the guest of honor

the Mazda Protégé that I wrecked

the slippery walkway scares Brett (March 10, 2001)

those forking weeds are a pain

Valerie and Brett at Keeneland

Valerie and Darren and Robert and Cranium

Valerie at the Ohio Renaissance Fair on 1999-08-29

Valerie playing my piano while Chris watches (in August 2000)

Valerie tests a marimba at the Roots and Heritage Festival (2002 Sep 6)

visiting the Montreal train station on my birthday in 2001

volunteer musicians performing for Contra dancers

water wheel (shot in Sept 1999)

wrecked Mazda of Dec 2000

yard waste chez Willis

can someone get the door

checking the hits on my website


Doonesbury cartoon about blogging

Doonesbury comic with lots of French in it

Foxtrot cartoon


giving a shout-out to my Valentine

go back to sleep

hate not getting any love letters

I have to admit that I am surprised

I need a drink

I want to speak to her

life is like a game

listening to music while on hold

look at the time

married couples argue about money

mine keeps crashing too

my birthday is coming up soon

one of the first things taught in medical school

really like to know where my friends are tonight

see if we can find out

time in front of the PC does not make me sociable

usually nothing good in the paper about TV

what makes you think I want to buy a stupid ticket

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